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We are a full service Outfitter who offers guided hunting trips for Elk, Deer, Bear & Lion. From obtaining your hunting license to taking your trophy to the taxidermist, we are there working with you.  We will do our best to help you experience your hunt of a lifetime.    We base our success on honesty, integrity and good ole’ perseverance.

We would like the opportunity to assist you with your next Big Game Hunt!  

Unit 20

Our hunting area is in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, it is a protected wilderness area located in Idaho.  At 2.3 million acres it is the largest contiguous area of protected wilderness in the continental United States. Together with the adjacent Gospel Hump Wilderness and surrounding unprotected roadless Forest Service land, it is the core of a 3.3 million acre roadless area.

Most of our hunters are satisfied, repeat customers, and they're our best advertisement.  Feel free to call our references and let them tell you what our services are like.

We realize all the time and money that goes into planning a hunt.  We want to make it as easy for you as possible.  Our guides are all licensed trained professionals.

Elk Hunting

We hunt in the Frank Church Wilderness of No Return in Idaho. 

The Bulls in this beautiful rugged country are not as educated to bugeling as in many other areas. This Wilderness area offers outstanding opportunities for taking trophy class animals. There is little to no hunting pressure on game in this area. It is not uncommon to see any other hunters during your entire hunting trip.

 Camp is neat and comfortable with wood stove heated wall tents, cots, and carpeted floors.

Our camps are located far enough away from the areas the elk frequent, yet close enough to hunt to on foot every day.  We  normally keep little to no livestock in camp.  When we first started outfitting, we would keep all the horses and mules in camp and we always found ourselves having to hunt further and further from camp every year.  Our strategy now days is to go undetected.  This is easier accomplished without a herd of horses and mules in camp.  It is not uncommon to have elk less than a 1/2 mile from a quiet camp.  Many of my competitors keep a heard of mules and horses in camp.  They also have to wake up  2 hours earlier to saddle stock and ride 1 hour in the dark to be in position to hunt the elk that wouldn't tolerate their loud camp. 

 If there's two things I've learned about elk hunting over the years, they  are  elk don't like people and they hate getting shot.

We have many requests for groups of 4-6 hunters in a camp.  We understand one of the big reasons for hunting is for the comradity of friends and we will gladly accommodate groups of 4.  We prefer groups of 2 hunters per camp.  If you are a group of 6, please consider 3 groups of 2.  This is less profitable for us, but always produces higher hunter success. 

 We are committed to helping our hunters go home with an elk.  Our camps and advice are all centered around this commitment.  Not the almighty dollar.

daho Deer Hunting

Unit 20 offers outstanding opportunities for trophy Mule Deer Hunts!  You will see many Bucks in November during the rut.

Our area is located in the River of No Return Wilderness, which consists of many acres of roadless country. Our area is along the north side of the river.  Our camps are all set in the wilderness, we have comfortable heated tents.

  The country is steep and rugged.  Because of its remote location and the ruggedness of the area, you will more than likely not see many hunters.

Our camps are located far enough away from the areas the Bucks frequent, yet close enough to hunt to on foot every day.

Idaho Bear Hunts

Our area is located in the River of No Return Wilderness, we hunt along the northern banks of what is known as the Salmon River Breaks. 

The Bears are abundant in Idaho! Every hunter can shoot up to 2 bears. The tags are guaranteed.

During the day we glass hillsides and tend the baits. In the early evening, we will place you over one of the baits in the area. Even though most bears are harvested during the evening, we do not like to let an opportunity slide by, so we'll sit on baits during the morning hours as well. 

Camps are clean and comfortable. Depending on location and resources, you’ll find your accommodations in a dome tent or a wall tent. Most camps are made up of 3 tents plus a shower tent, and a latrine. The size of your camp greatly depends on the size of your party. We have comfortable cots with pads for your added comfort.

The country is steep and rugged. Because of its remote location and the ruggedness of the area, you will more than likely not see another hunter. 

Color phases are brown, black, blonde & cinnamon. The bear population is high which increases your chance of getting a trophy sized bear. 

Idaho Lion Hunts

Between elk/deer season and bear season, lion hunting is a great sport to get into, and probably the most fun! We hunt from November until the end of February. Mountain lions are a hard animal to spot; therefore they require well trained hounds to hunt them.

Our area allows you to hunt up to 2 lions per hunter; Idaho’s lion numbers have been on the rise for the last few years giving hunters an excellent opportunity to harvest a mature Tom. 

We will try to schedule your hunt for the week your choice, but we ask that you be somewhat flexible. The best weather to hunt in is a light snowfall, or after a snow storm has hit. As long as there is snow on the ground, our dogs can run a lion. 

We use snowmobiles, at times we have even gone in on horseback, whatever it takes to get you into the lions territory. We have all up-to-date radios/satellite phones for communication and dog tracking equipment. This allows us to make the most out of your time while hunting and ensures that no time is spent looking for lost dogs.


Depending on weather and lion activity, your stay will be in a cabin or in a tent. Our backcountry camps are very comfortable with a heat, table, chairs and cots with pads for your added comfort. All meals are provided.