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The Museum of Women's History is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies on membership contributions, events, and fundraisers.

 Some previous Museum events and fundraisers include:

Judy Martz Reception, Former Montana Governor

In collaboration with the Global Grannies, former Montana Governor Judy Martz was honored at a reception at the Museum of Women's History on September 8, 2005. To view pictures from the Martz Reception, click here.

Founder's Day Luncheon -- "Keeping the Past Alive"

To honor Museum Founder, Dorothy McLaughlin, and celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Museum of Women's History a luncheon was held at the Petroleum Club in the Sheraton Hotel on May 21, 2005.  Guests enjoyed 'easy listening' piano favorites and a delicious luncheon . A vintage style show featuring a variety of gowns and dresses was a highlight of the afternoon. Awards and certificates of recognition were given to volunteers and contributors with a special recognition and thank you to Dorothy McLaughlin for her vision, effort, and dedication to preserving and communicating women's history.

Sweets, Flutes, and Brims Fundraiser

The Hearth Bakery in Downtown Billings hosted a lovely fundraiser for the Museum on Saturday,  February 4, 2006. French-trained baker Sandy Dvarishkis delighted the small, intimate group with tasty desserts served with complementary wines. Attendees also learned how Sandy creates the freshest, purest breads in the area in her custom-made wood-fired brick oven. The enjoyable afternoon was topped off by a vintage hat show.  To view pictures of the event, click here.

Writing Your Own Life Story

A class offered by the Museum of Women's History to teach women how to write the story of their own life so they will always be remembered. Every woman's story deserves to be told and the Museum is here to help women tell it.

The Museum is open to everyone and the exhibits proudly reflect the lives of women everywhere -- not just Montana.  It is a museum of all ages, for all ages. Exhibits feature women from all walks of life, all professions, all ethnic groups and perspectives locally and internationally.  Admission is free and donations are gratefully accepted.

Museum hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Special tours can also be scheduled by calling the Museum at 406-248-2015.

Exhibit Area:
Exhibits are grouped by historical era, from the Victorian period to the present.  The different time periods are:  

“Laced up, buttoned up, bound up & acting up” typifies the Victorian Era.   
“The New Woman” section represents the time period of 1900 to 1930.
“Woman’s Place is Where?” represents the years 1931 to 1946.
"Back to the Kitchen” area represents the Baby Boom period. 
“The Liberated Woman”symbolizes today’s society since 1966. 

As you walk through the Museum, you will see exhibits ranging from an old-fashioned iron to a display of a woman representing the "Burning Bra Protest."  The Museum is filled with different collections representing women's lives.  There is a collection of dresses including a gown dating back as early as 1870, an evening dress worn in the era of Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin (The 1st woman elected to Congress), a World War II bride's dress, and a flapper's party attire.  Along with the dress collection, there are other artifacts representing women's lives, such as a hat collection and a doll collection.