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We've got another great lineup of professional fly fishing guides on staff for 2013 here at Fins & Feathers. They've all got plenty of experience under their belts and a growing list of returning clients. Honestly, it really doesn'?t matter which one of our guides you end up reserving for a trip as they are all knowledgeable, hard working, easy-going, and just great people!

What really sets our staff apart is that they work hard and are willing to do whatever they need to make for a successful trip. Sometimes this means driving a little further, getting to the water a little earlier, switching flies more often, focusing more on instruction, or getting onto water that sees less pressure and is more demanding on the oars. Years of experience on our local waters gives our guides a distinct advantage in understanding what it takes to be successful on the water and how to show our guests the various techniques it takes to enjoy that success.

Many guides in the area show up to meet their clients and head to wherever it is they are going with little or no thought to what the clients are really even looking to experience. Our guides spend the first part of everyday talking with our clients and present a myriad of options based on the conditions and expectations of the angler, not what works best for the guide.

We have hundreds of folks that come back year after year to fish with the same guide because they'?ve always had a great experience. We were honored with being recognized as the 2010 Orvis Endorsed Outfitter of the Year as a result of our commitment to providing exceptional experiences. Whether it'?s your first time to Bozeman or you'?ve been coming here for decades, we invite you to experience for yourself the difference a professional, patient, and experienced guide makes when it comes to getting the most out of your fly fishing vacation.

Toby Swank - Toby is the owner/outfitter (Lic #9603) of Fins & Feathers and has been fishing the waters of southwest Montana for 20 years. Fly fishing for trout is his true passion and he spends well over 200 days a year chasing fish in cold water. He grew up in Texas fishing for largemouths and pretty much anything that could be caught on a Zara Spook! Fly fishing has been a part of Toby's life for nearly 30 years and he enjoys teaching others just as much as fishing on his own. He graduated from Montana State University in 1995 with a BS in Biology and is now married with 2 boys and 2 dogs. Check out his blog as well as his photography website chronicling a life spent on the water and in the field.

Paul Neuman - Paul is a Bozeman native and has been fishing the rivers of Southwest Montana since he was old enough to walk. He is a ski instructor in Big Sky during the winter and has traveled extensively through Europe. He's got quite a list of customers that come back every year to fish with him as he's always showing them a new trick to get more fish while laughing their way down the river. He's just a great guy to be around and works tirelessly from start to finish to be the best guide on the water every day.

Ben Jantzen - Ben moved to the Gallatin Valley over twelve years ago from Connecticut and has been fishing the surrounding waters avidly ever since. As a member of our core staff of guides, Ben has a well established reputation among our clients as being easy going and an expert instructor. When he's not fishing around here, he's usually chasing some sort of mammal around the mountains with a bow. Ben is "that guy" you see at the boat ramp and always wonder what he's doing different to catch so many fish!

Charlie Napoli - Charlie has been living in Bozeman for fourteen years, and has been fishing the waters of Southwest Montana ever since. He is the fly shop manager, and one of our core guides during the fishing season. He grew up in Pennsylvania and started fishing the trout streams there when he was just three years old. Charlie spent a few years guiding in Alaska for trout, grayling and salmon before becoming a guide in Montana. Always patient and persistent, Charlie has a gift for finding fish while making clients feel comfortable regardless of their skill levels.

Steve Rendle - Steven is our newest member of the guide staff, now going into his thrid year on the oars around SW Monatana. Originally from South Carolina, he moved here in an attempt to pursue the mountain lifestyle only to be drawn to a life on the water. One of the "fishiest" guides around, he has a special talent for catching fish on some of the craziest fly patterns and colors you'll ever see. He's always working hard to be sure that his clients show up at the shop after each day with more fish and bigger stories than the rest of us.

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