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Cottonwood Hills Golf Course | Bozeman, MT

Cottonwood Hills Golf Course | By cottonwoodhills
8955 River Road, Bozeman, MT 59715
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A Robert C. Quick Design Architect, Owner, and Operator

Dreams can be defined as a wistful envisionment that never takes form or substance in life, except for in the mind. So when Cottonwood Hills Golf Club was birthed and blessed by the land, it quickly became a tribute to all those who picture in the mind what can not be put into words, the proof of a dream.

Cottonwood Hills is the culmination of the pure and simple truth that with hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, dreams do come true. The dreamer, Bob Quick to most all, grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, where he followed his grandfather and his father in a career with the U.S. Postal Service. He was always an avid sportsman, doing all that he could to master a new skill. In New Jersey he competed in archery, hunted, fished, and golfed. After moving to Colorado, where he wanted to expand his hunting and fishing opportunities, he also continued to golf, and compete in archery, and even learned how to ski. He met his wife, Martha, on a ski lift; and together they began to forge a strong, commited personal life, in which they shared each others ups and downs. This relationship even flowed over into their business ventures and success followed them. As their family grew, they found themselves traveling north to Montana; and in 1977, they rooted themselves into the Gallatin Valley Community.

With the sudden expansion of possibilities and their outdoor, recreational opportunities blossoming, they both began to look for land on which to construct a public golf course. At the time, there were only two golf courses available in the valley, and they were both private. This fueled the fire, and it was not that long until the opportunity presented itself in 1984. With the support of their families and the strength of his own hands and mind, Bob designed and built the club house, putting green, driving range, and the first nine holes of the championship course at Cottonwood Hills. It might have been a dream come true to some, but it was still not complete to his standards. He then refocused his efforts on building a second nine to complete his masterpiece. With some innovation and a creative marketing plan for 12 year memberships, the second nine and the Executive Par 3 course were added in 1994. The additions were a perfect ten year tribute to a dream that is continually growing.

Today, the course is rated as "the best conditioned course in the Gallatin Valley," and many attest to it being the "best conditioned" in the state. One never knows when they might see a PGA Tour Pro practicing early in the moring as the dew blankets the pristine fairways. From the tees to the flag, there is no compromise in quality; even the incredibly smooth bentgrass draws all levels of players who hunger for the chance to putt on "tour quality greens."

No matter what amount of attention Cottonwood Hills Golf Club receives, it has never detered Bob or Martha from why the golf course was built. The Golf Club continues to be family owned, with its primary focus on being a family centered golf facility. As Bob and Martha expand their fishing experience to the Florida Keys during the winter months, their children and grandchildren will be taking a more active role in the business. Look for the entire family, as they will be there: working on the course, golfing with the patrons, and having coffee with you before your morning round.

We welcome all of you to come and enjoy the challenge of golf while being surrounded by the beauty of God's creation. Each and every hole reflects the natural beauty and contour of the land: the hills, the ridges, the meandering creeks, the ponds, and the vast number of cottonwood trees.

Gallatin Valley Open

Stephen Schneiter is the 2012 Pepsi GVO Champion with a score of 141. He won the playoff against Michael Roters with a birdie on hole one to earn these honors. Spencer Williams is the 2012 Pepsi GVO Amateur Champion with a score of 146. Congratulations!

2012 Amateur Results
2012 Professional Results
Welcome to Cottonwood Hills Golf Club!

Cottonwood Hills Golf Club is the Gallatin Valley's first and foremost public facility. Established in 1984, Cottonwood Hills remains the finest public facility in the Gallatin Valley.  With endless natural beauty and staggering views the 7053 yard Championship Course will challenge and captivate each and every golfer.  Every detail of the course and club is meticulously managed and confirms the honor of being Montana's best conditioned course. 

The new Cottonwood Hills brochure is available for download with new information, rates, programs, lessons, and events for the 2013 season.
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