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The Big Hole River winds and turns its way through the canyon as your guide maneuvers the boat into position for you to send a size 14 elk hair caddis to rest gently on the water beneath a willow on the north bank. The water boils as you set the hook. Your rod bends as a large rainbow leaps from the depths of its watery home.

A Stockton Outfitter's summer fishing trip is the perfect outlet for the ardent angler. Ours is the only state that does not stock its moving waterways with hatchery fish. Montana's rivers and streams are teaming with truly wild trout. You'll know the difference when you hook one.

Stockton Outfitters has access to one of America's last 'Blue Ribbon Trout Streams', the famed Big Hole River. Large rainbows, browns, and even native grayling are abundant in these flowing waters and our guides provide the knowledge and experience to not only get you to where the action is, but provide the expertise to increase your success. The Big Hole River's 'salmon fly hatch' in early June is world renowned.

Stockton Outfitters also provides guided trips on the Beaverhead River for large browns, and several other rivers in South Western Montana. Unique to most fishing outfitters, we also have the ability to get away from the major waterways and take you deep into the streams and tributaries within the Valley. Ample opportunity exists to catch brook trout and native cutthroats by the dozens. We get even deeper yet, providing float tube adventures into countless high mountain lakes, which can only be accessed by foot or by horse.

Whether it's a horseback trip to a high mountain lake, a wade fishing adventure, or a float trip down the river, a Stockton Outfitter's summer vacation package promises to place you where the action is.

Stockton Outfitter's works exclusively with Bob Folkendahl Mt Outfitter 724OUT for Big hole and Beaverhead Fishing.