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Open: 09:00 AM, Close: 06:00 PM
Open: 09:00 AM, Close: 06:00 PM
Open: 09:00 AM, Close: 06:00 PM
Open: 09:00 AM, Close: 06:00 PM
Open: 09:00 AM, Close: 06:00 PM
Open: 09:00 AM, Close: 06:00 PM
Open: 09:00 AM, Close: 06:00 PM

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Africa Rocks

It's a boulder with a view in the rocky world of Africa's kopje and savanna animals, from rock-hopping klipspringers to meerkat colonies to rooting warthogs to cats big and small.

Discovery Outpost

Up-close animal viewing and hands-on experience for kids of all ages! Features the Children's Zoo, Insect House, Reptile House, and Sea Lion Show. Enter a fun and interactive world of discovery!

Lost Forest

Lose yourself in lush, tropical habitat, streams and waterfalls, winding paths, and surprises around every corner. From canopy to forest floor, encounter exotic and endangered wildlife from monkeys and apes to cats, hippos, and birds while you discover the amazing world of forests.

Panda Canyon

They're black-and-white and loved all over! Meet the giant pandas, visit the discovery center, and see what we've learned about protecting pandas through our giant panda research studies.

Urban Jungle

It's a place where the urban world of humans meets the wild world of animals! Are the animals living in our backyards or are we living in theirs' Around the world, humans and animals are crossing paths. Have your own encounters in this interactive zone!

Zoo Animal Zones

Asian Passage

Spreading branches of palms and ficus trees mix with towering bamboo and fragrant ginger to create a paradise for treasured species like Bornean sun bears, lion-tailed macaques, binturongs, silver-leaf langurs, fruit doves, rhinoceros hornbills, and porcupines.

Elephant Odyssey

Blast to the past to discover extinct animals from Southern California's history, then meet their living descendents: elephants, lions, jaguars, sloths, camels, tapirs, pronghorn, secretary birds, California condors, and more!


You'll be waltzing matilda on this trek Down Under to see wallabies, wombats, tree kangaroos, and the largest colony of koalas outside of Australia.

Northern Frontier

Take an expedition to the top of the world to see the rulers of their tundra: the mighty polar bears. Along the way, say hello to their other northern neighbors, the reindeer and Arctic diving ducks.