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Wild Trout Fishing | Saint Ignatius, MT

By bobmarshalranch
63315 Chalwain Road, Saint Ignatius, MT 59865
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The Bob Marshall Wilderness Ranch offers some of the best wild trout fishing left in the U.S. You will fish for westslope cutthroat in this flyrodder's paradise. During an afternoon, it is not unusual to catch an average of thirty cutthroat trout all on dry flies. Cutthroat are beautiful, sleek fish, so named for the crimson slash on the undersides of their gills. There is also a chance to encounter Bull trout reaching double-digit weights. Bull trout are strictly catch and release. In this wilderness the South Fork is a series of bright blue veins, separated by islets of green spruce and pine, flowing spiritedly through a wild valley. We arrange six to ten guests on trips which range from five to ten days in length.

The fishing is fantastic and the scenery is breathtaking.

July and August are ideal months for both weather and flyrodding the gin-clear, high mountain Flathead watershed. If you fly commercially, transportation to and from the Missoula Airport to our beautiful lodge nestled between the Swan and Mission Mountain Ranges is provided.

In addition, complimentary lodging and meals before and after your trip are provided. All but your personal gear is provided. A suggested list of what to bring and other helpful information will be sent to you upon booking a trip.

Since we have been outfitting in the Bob for more than thirty years, we have discovered, and have been able to utilize, the most desirable campsites. We chose these campsites for the hottest fishing and proximity to the most spectacular scenery. For specific itineraries please review our Sightseeing/Photography page.

Five to ten day wilderness expeditions are arranged during July and August. The cost of these expeditions is $365.00 per day per person.