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Granite Ghost Town STATE PARK | Philipsburg, MT

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347 Granite Road, Philipsburg, MT 59858
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Bring your camera and your courage to travel the steep, winding road to capture the remnants of this once thriving 1890s silver boomtown.

Granite Ghost Town State Park showcases remnants of this once thriving 1890s silver boomtown that bears stark witness to Montana's boom-and-bust mining history. Hector Horton first discovered silver in the general area in 1865. In the autumn of 1872 the Granite mine was discovered by a prospector named Holland. The mine was relocated in 1875. This was the richest silver mine on the earth, and it might never have been discovered if a telegram from the east hadn't been delayed. The miner's backers thought the venture was hopeless and ordered an end to its operation, but since that message was delayed the miners worked on and the last blast on the last shift uncovered a bonanza, which yielded $40,000,000.

In the silver panic of 1893, word came to shut the mine down. The mine was deserted for three years, never again would it reach the population it once had of 3,000 miners.

Today there is no one living in the camp. The state park preserves the Granite Mine Superintendent's house and ruins of the old miners' Union Hall which have been included in the Historic American Buildings Survey.

The road from Philipsburg to Granite gains 1,280 feet in elevation. The road is narrow, steep and winding. Be prepared to pull over for oncoming traffic and enjoy the vistas.

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  2. Photography
  3. Wildlife Viewing

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CLOSURES/RESTRICTIONS Due to winter road conditions, this park may not be accessible to vehicles until June.


Open 5/1 - 9/30
Daylight Hours Only

347 Granite Road
Phillipsburg, MT 59858