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Anaconda Smoke Stack STATE PARK | Anaconda, MT

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100 Smelter Road, Anaconda, MT 59711
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STATE PARKSee one of the tallest free-standing brick structures in the world, a legacy of the legendary Anaconda Copper Company.

The old Anaconda Copper Company smelter stack, completed in 1919, is one of the tallest free-standing brick structures in the world at 585 feet. The inside diameter is 75 feet at the bottom, tapering to 60 feet at the top. In comparison, the Washington Monument is 555 feet tall.

The stack dominates the landscape like the company once dominated the area's economic life. Since the smelter closed in 1980, the stack has become a symbol of the challenges that face communities dependent on finite resources.

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the stack may be viewed and photographed only from a distance. Interpretive signs that detail its history are located in the viewing site near Goodman Park.

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