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Dick Lyman Outfitters | Great Falls, MT

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20 Truly Loop, Great Falls, MT
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$500 - $2000


All ages


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My father was an Outfitter who took clients to the Bob Marshal Wilderness in the 1960's. As a young man I had the pleasure of helping out. Stock needed to be saddled and gear mannied and then packed on the big stout mules. My Dad taught me the Diamond Hitch and it had to be perfect. Once in camp you set up tents and chopped lots of firewood. Then the meat pole was set up and you learned how to dress the game and take care of the caps. I loved it and was so excited to be a part of it. My father passed away at an early age and I was only 15 and too young to run it so Mom sold the business to help make ends meet.
We have a resident herd of Elk that is there year round. We work hard to manage this herd and all the strays that come on after opening day of rifle season from the neighbors. Our guides are seasoned hunters and it is important you understand for your success that you need to move slow and quiet. Although we cannot guarantee everyone an elk, our goal is to give you oportuinty daily and have an enjoyable, successful hunt. Some times things are out of our control and the game will decide to just up and move. Then in a day or so they will reappear. That is part of hunting and it is frustrating. We just do the best job we can.

Most of our hunting is done by glassing and spotting elk at first light, then stalking to within shooting distance. The land in most locations is rolling hills. We mostly do walking with some horseback riding. It is important for you to be in good shape, with good walking boots. There is one guide to two hunters. Once in camp your guides will take you out to sight in your guns or bows. Everyone will be required to shoot their guns or bows at a target with a guide before they hunt.

All hunts start on Sunday after lunch and end on Friday after lunch. All our hunts are scheduled so you will not miss more than one week of work. If you fly into Great Falls we will pick you up Sunday morning and take you to camp. Then on Friday after lunch we will take you back to Great Falls. If you fly into Bozeman or Billings you will have to rent a car and drive to camp. Be sure to arrive on Sunday at noon. If you choose to drive to White Sulphur Springs you can stay Saturday night at a motel or just drive to camp Sunday at noon. If you do choose to fly and arrive in Montana and need to stay at a motel before or after these hunting days, we do have an Outfitters discount at a Motel in Great Falls. I have on the Links page the motel in White Sulphur Springs, check it out. It lists some local items of interest.