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Daly Mansion Tours | Hamilton, MT

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251 Eastside Hwy, Hamilton, MT 59840
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Located on 46 acres of lush landscape, the Daly Mansion is the historic home of 19th Century American industrialist Marcus Daly. The exhibits here convey the story of Daly and his rise from working-class immigrant to copper magnate, as well as local, regional, and international history tied to his extended family.

About the Daly Mansion Preservation Trust--

The Daly Mansion was purchased by the State of Montana in 1986 through the Montana Estate Tax Forgiveness Act, in conjunction with a loan from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It is operated by the Daly Mansion Preservation Trust (DMPT), which was started in 1986 by a band of courageous citizens determined to save history.

In partnership with the University of Montana, the State of Montana leases the Mansion and approximately 50 acres of grounds to the DMPT. The DMPT is charged with the full financial responsibility of the Mansion which includes salaries, maintenance, and operation costs.

The DMPT does not receive any operational support, at this time, from either the State or the Federal Government. The Mansion was first opened to the public in May 1987, after being closed and boarded up for over 40 years following Margaret Daly's death in 1941.

The Daly Mansion Preservation Trust is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the Daly Mansion, its buildings, grounds and the history they convey. It is a center for education, cultural and community activities.

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Board of Directors

Phil Leonardi Tom Michelli

David Evans Kathy Good

Loey Knapp John Folz Mary Fox Jeanette McKee

Gina Wilson Rhonda Leonard Lisa Glenn John Howard

2013 Board of Director Meetings: April 17, July 17, October 16th-3pm-Daly Mansion-Public is Welcome

Daly Mansion Preservation Foundation Board

Doug Klein Charlotte Oliver Mary Fox Howard Recht

Jeanette McKee


April Johnson, Executive Director

Darlene Gould, Volunteers & House Operations

Suzanne Casteel, Office Assistant/Events Coordinator

Linda Williams, Finance

John Koch, Grounds Manager

Location Details

The Daly Mansion is located in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley, just outside the town of Hamilton, Montana. (Approximately 45 miles south of Missoula, Montana on Highway 269, at mile marker 2)


251 Eastside Hwy, Hamilton, Montana, 59840

Tour Schedule

Open Mid-May. Call for hours of operation 406-363-6004.

Fall/Winter Season Tours-Call for week day appointments.

Adults are $9.00, Seniors $8.00, Youth $6.00 (ages 6-17)...under 6 are free!

Tours are available by appointment through the fall and winter months.$9.00 for adults, $8.00 for seniors, $6.00 for children, and children under 6yrs old are admitted free. For more information call: 406-363-6004.Accessibility

The Daly Mansion welcomes guests with disabilities. We have an elevator that travels from the 1st floor, 2nd floor and 3rd floor. There is handicap parking next to the house for state-issued parking permit holders. Much of the Daly Mansion is accessible to guests in wheelchairs, although some areas are not due to the historic architecture of the building.