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Montana Mule Deer Hunting and Elk Hunting | Stevensville, MT

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Our hunting locations are in a sparsely populated area in Montana located in the Northeast corner of the state. The hunt takes place near Fort Peck Reservoir, which is bordered by the Charles M. Russell Refuge, surrounded by BLM land. This area is know as the Missouri River Breaks. The hunting area encompasses approximately 8.5 million acres.

Why are we better than other outfitting operations' We offer an extremely good product! You will have multiple opportunities to locate and shoot good mule deer bucks. You are able to hunt other species such as upland game, waterfowl, fishing, and coyote hunting at no extra cost.

Our hunting guides are top notch professionals. They guide hunters because they really have a love for their profession. My guides have tremendous eyes for spotting the game. Our clients are always amazed at how well the guides plan the stalk and put them right up on the deer. The guides will do most of the work, cleaning and packing your deer out. That is why we will shoot at a deer where ever we find it regardless of how far it is from a vehicle. However, we do suggest you help your guides with part of the pack out if possible to appreciate the full experience of the hunt.


View one of our guided trips. This could be you!


We feed you extremely well. A typical day starts with breakfast. We offer a variety of foods throughout your stay with us. A breakfast example would be our cooks' homemade gourmet French toast, bacon, eggs, fruit cup, juice and all the condiments. Our lunches consist of cold cut sandwiches (with a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches added in), fruit, candy bars, cookies, granola bars, hard cooked eggs, jerky, fresh vegetables, water and soft drinks. When you arrive back at the lodge our cook will have for a variety of appetizers such as Swedish meatballs, deviled eggs, shrimp cocktails and assorted meat and cheese trays. often these trays are loaded with game meat samples from the local butcher; many of our clients have their meat processes through the butcher. After a hot shower you will be ready for dinner. Our dinner menu will be surpassed by none. Our dinners include our 16 oz prime rib eye, stuffed pork chops, baked Walleye topped with our cooks' special homemade parmesan cheese mix (a Fort Peck local favorite), chicken parmesan (just to name a few). All dinners start off with fresh green salads. Main meal accompanied with backed potato, wild rice, twice baked potatoes, and fresh garden vegetables. Dinners are finished off with a variety of homemade desserts. Now you know how well you will eat...now, more about hunting'


We always find the game we are seeing. We see an average of 60 to 100 mule deer a day. From that number you may see 10 to 25 bucks. Out of that one or two of those will be what we call wall hanger bucks. if you miss your opportunity that day this is where we are different than other outfitter/guide agencies: you will get to repeat the first day and the same numbers over and over again. Our percentages are 98-99%. The only time we do not fill a buck tag is because the hunter has missed multiple times over the multiple days, or runs out of ammunition. I know this is a bold statement, but we have been in business for over 36 years and we have proven this over and over, year after year.

You will be housed in a very comfortable lodge setting. To sum this all up and talking with my past clients, our hunts have been the best hunts they have ever been on for all the reasons above and more. The fact that we average 85% repeat business is a testament to our excellence. Learn more about hunting trophy mule deer and elk, as well as,archery elk and deer hunting.