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At the Deb Moravec School of Kayaking, we have a simple goal to make you a stronger kayaker. We offer whitewater kayak classes for every skill level, from basic river running to advanced playboating. Lessons are private and semi-private. Our experienced staff of instructors focus on the individual goals of each student. By never exceeding an instructor-to-student ratio of 1:3, we ensure that students receive the individual attention needed to be successful.

We emphasize safety, strong paddling technique and a high level of fun in all of our classes. We offer Dagger and Pyrana river-running kayaks as well as all the necessary gear to hit the river. If you have your own boat, you are encouraged to bring it to the lesson.

At the Deb Moravec School of Kayaking, we want to make you a better boater. Decide what areas of your paddling you would like to improve and give us a call â' we will create a lesson just for you.

*Our River Safety and Rescue clinic is not a certified Swift Water Rescue course.


BY REQUEST: Two-Day Clinic $220.00 Half-Day Semi-Private Lesson $110.00 Full-Day Semi-Private Lesson $150.00 Half-Day Private Lesson $150.00 Full-Day Private Lesson $200.00

Gear is provided and lunch is provided on full-day trips and clinics.

Lessons are conducted at Frenchtown Pond, Brenanâ's Wave and a variety of river access locations. For more information, give us a call at 800-537-8315.

Two-day kayaking clinic

The first day of the clinic will be held at the Frenchtown Pond. Frenchtown Pond is a perfect location for beginners to learn how to get in and out of the kayak, the wet exit and introduce stokes we use in kayaking. The forward stroke, the sweep stroke and the bow draw will be the strokes we will work on throughout the clinic. In the morning, we start practicing these strokes and also talk about the whitewater application of each stroke. We break for a delicious gourmet-style lunch. In the afternoon, we will practice our new strokes and the wet exit, preparing ourselves for DAY TWO and moving current.

On the second day, we begin on moving current (either the Blackfoot or Clark Fork River) practicing the strokes we learned the previous day. We will practice eddy turns in the moving current, while heading slowly downstream. An eddy is a calm area on the river, most likely by the shore or behind a rock. Kayakers use these eddies to slow down a rapid and rest, therefore it is important to know how to enter and exit an eddy. Break for lunch. In the afternoon we will go downstream slowly, while practicing our strokes and eddy turns and spend time talking about the whitewater application of everything youâ've learned. Meet time is 9 am at our business location and ends around 5 pm. All equipment and daily lunch is provided.

Price $220.00 per person. Two person minimum.