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3600 Lower Honoapiilani Road, Lahaina, HI 96761
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$55 - $260


All ages


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Open: 9:00am, Close: 7:00pm
Open: 9:00am, Close: 7:00pm
Open: 9:00am, Close: 7:00pm
Open: 9:00am, Close: 7:00pm
Open: 9:00am, Close: 7:00pm
Open: 9:00am, Close: 7:00pm
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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

A traditional Hawaiian therapeutic massage with long rhythmic and repetitive motions to soothe away stress and fatigue while promoting energy from within.


A relaxing massage with a focus on light even strokes, kneading and rolling the muscle tissue.


Designed for athletes before, during, and after as a part of training regimen to enhance performance and endurance, reduce the risk of injury and lessen soreness.


This treatment focuses on pressure points, or meridians that run along the body that stimulate various organs, glands and muscles.

30 minutes$55.00

60 minutes$99.00

90 minutes$135.00


This massage is a blend of several massage styles with the use of specific hand blended Aromatherapy Oils. Your choice of Stress Relief, Detox or Mental Clarity oils.

30 minutes$65.00

60 minutes$109.00

90 minutes$145.00


Deep Tissue - An intuitive blend of massage styles that are customized to fit your needs. Concentrated work using elbows to loosen the connective tissue where muscles attach and knots form.

60 minutes$119.00

90 minutes$155.00


4-handed Massage

The most indulgent of all massage services begins with a synchronized pattern of fluid movement that passes over the body. Two pairs of hands will choreograph a rhythmic, dance-like massage to glide over you. Each movement is mirrored on the opposite side. This incredible massage experience is twice as nice.

60 minutes$189.00

90 minutes$260.00