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The Hydrotherapy Circuit includes, the dry Cedar-wood Sauna, a cold saltwater pool and a hot jacuzzi. The word ‘spa’ is an acronym for ‘salus per aquam’, which is Latin for ‘health from water’. Temperature therapy has stood the test of time and continues to be a benefit to health.The ancient rhythm and ritual of ‘Taking the Waters’, are a vital part of your Aromatherapy Spa Experience.  Although much of the pleasure is in relaxing in the comfortable outdoor Jacuzzi surrounded by the scented gardens, exposing the body to contrasts of hot and cold temperatures is at the heart of the benefits of ‘Taking the Waters’. The cool salt water fifty-foot swimming pool is designed for lap swimming and water aquatics and acts as the contrast after the heated Aromatherapy sauna and Jacuzzi.Sauna is the centuries old Bath from Finland, the body’s natural way to cleanse itself. Direct heat to the stones provides a soft gentle heat to open the pores and release the body’s impurities by inducing perspiration.Hydrotherapy is only scheduled as an add-on to an A La Carte Treatment or Body Care Package.

Hydro Therapy #1

60-Minute   $75

Dry Cedarwood Sauna Session

Cold Saltwater Pool

Hot Jacuzzi Soak

Aroma Bar Amenities Shower


Hydro Therapy #2

30-Minute   $45 

Dry Cedarwood Sauna Session

Aroma Bar Amenities Shower (available as an Add-On Only)


Hydro Therapy #3

30-Minutes  $45

Cold Saltwater Pool


AromaBar Amenities Shower session (available as an Add-On Only)


Sauna is a wonderful and relaxing experience of cleansing the body and can be enjoyed by most people. It is best to check with a physician if you have any medical conditions or feel any adverse effects.  Using the Sauna is a matter of common sense.  Your body will let you know when it is time to exit the Sauna if you get too hot.  Remember to drink plenty of water or other fluids after the Sauna to replace what you have lost.


Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol should stay clear from the Sauna. Alcohol use dehydrates the body and using the Sauna would dehydrate even more. Also you are not using your best judgment when under the influence.Persons with low blood pressure or heart disease should exercise caution. The heat of the Sauna causes the capillaries in the skin to dilate, which in effect lowers blood pressure. Heartbeat increases to keep blood pressure normal. Use caution and pay attention to how you feel before and after a Sauna.Persons with high blood pressure should exercise caution. The same warnings are valid as with low blood pressure.Pregnant women should NOT Sauna.

HOW TO TAKE THE HEAT: To make the most of heat therapy’s benefits, there are some basic guidelines to follow.


Eat Lightly. The heat will pull blood to the skin’s surface and draw it away from the digestive organs. Although you should not take the heat on an empty stomach, allow at least several hours to pass after eating a full meal before entering. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. The extra fluids also assist your core temperature to remain stable. You are advised to not drink alcohol. It impairs judgment and adds stress to the cardiovascular load induced by the heat. Shower to remove surface toxins and lotions from the skin.


Bring in a towel as it keeps the space clean, protects your from hot surfaces and germs and gives you something to wipe off sweat with. Leave periodically (every 10-15 minutes) to cool down in a cold shower or pool to reap optimal benefits. This also rinses away toxins to avoid re-absorption and it stimulates the thyroid and metabolism. Sitting or lying down are both acceptable. The higher you are, the hotter.


Replace lost fluids with lots of pure water. Replenish minerals and vitamins lost through perspiration. Fresh fruit is nourishing and revitalizing as its sugars can be readily absorbed and utilized. Normalize your system. Take at least 10-minutes to lie quietly and allow your system to return to normal.

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