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Maui Easy Riders, Paia | By maui easy
Alawai Rd, Paia, HI 96779
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$300 - $300


All ages


Check the description for time information.

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Hike through a bamboo forest, See Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees, swim in shoreline tide pools, jump off of cliffs into pristine waters, watch the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle crawl out of the ocean & see Maui's World Famous Red Sand Beach.  

Cost: $300 "For your private party"

 Avoid the large groups and crowded tour vans that pack in 13-25 clients per tour.

 We take you to the best places where the big name companies cannot and will not take you.

 Are you Interested in visiting exotic beaches that are off the beaten path? 

Wanna see hidden waterfalls and swimming holes that you would not find without an experienced and knowledgeable guide? 

Does jumping off of cliffs into pristine waters that glisten in the Maui Sun sound like fun to you? 

Would you like to have someone else do the driving so you can take in the scenery? 

Are you looking for a tour that is not from the inside of a crowded van?  

Every Tour is molded around your very own limits.  You will never be asked to do anything or go anywhere that is above your personal comfort zone.

Every Tour of The Road to Hana that we offer is created for, catered to you and your specific group of family/friends.  The only clients on this tour will be you and whomever you choose to bring along with you.  Isn't that nice:)