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$100 - $135


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Therapeutic Massage:

Julie and her team specialize in therapeutic massage.  A combination of deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, active release, myofacial and stretching techniques are combined to address any aches, pains, held tension and specific physical issues you are experiencing.  Your massage can focus on one particular area of your body, or be included in a blissful full body treatment.

55 min: $100

85 min: $135

Julie is founder, owner and primary therapist at Luxury Massage Maui.  She has over 675 hours of training in therapeutic massage from the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage.  Julie’s passion is to help individuals bring about their unique essence to the world in new and exciting ways by addressing any blocks in their lives at the core of the issue to help release them and move forward in to greater joy and harmony.

Julie brings her highly developed intuition, as well as her extensive knowledge of the body to her client’s sessions.  The massage is a blend of deep relaxation, flow and can include deep, therapeutic bodywork to address any aches, pains or areas of challenge within the body.

“My client’s wellbeing is my primary focus.  My intention is to nurture, offer deep presence and fully address their specific and general needs during our session.”

Julie has four years of intensive training at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is a rigorous, four-year bachelor of science (BS) program in energy healing.

Prior to her career in the healing arts, Julie had a successful corporate career and worked within multiple Fortune 500 companies. She brings a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and strong business experience to the world of wellness.  This unique background allows Julie to serve as a bridge, and model for her clients how to create sustainable balance and wellness in their everyday lives.

Julie was born and raised on the east coast and is very joyful for the opportunity to be located in Maui, where she sees the island as her teacher.

As a healer and massage therapist that used to live in New York City working for a Fortune 500 company, I understand the pressures and demands of daily life and how they can affect your body and soul.

My massage sessions are designed to bring you in to a state of deep relaxation, helping your body to renew at a cellular level.  My clients experience results ranging from: