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There are not many roads on Maui, but what little roads we do have offer some of the most visually breathtaking and exciting rides you can experience. Most of the major roads and highways have a shoulder or bike lane, as indicated on the Maui County Cycling Map (just assume that any road marked “most suitable” has a shoulder). That being said it doesn't mean those are the "best" roads to ride on.

The Maui County Cycling Map lists the heavily traveled divided wide shouldered four lane highway between Lahaina and Kapalua as “most suitable for cycling.” Conversely, once the shoulder narrows on the upper reaches of north west Maui, this smooth road normally almost devoid of cars is designated “unsuitable for cycling.” Perhaps “suitable for cycling” conditions on Maui are almost totally evaluated by width of a road shoulder. This doesn't mean that you should stick to only riding the "most suitable" roads. As a matter of fact some of the best cycling is not listed on this map as "suitable" and happen to be beautiful narrow roads winding through the countryside.

Maui weather and how it affects you

The weather on Maui can change every mile that you ride. It can go from sunny and beautiful and before you know it you are in a tropical downpour, wait 15min or 3-5mi and you'll be back in the sun. There is a dominant trade wind that always blows around. It is a constant wind that fluctuates from a gentle 5mph to 30+mph. There are some areas that have more wind than others. The map below will give you an idea of the direction the trade wind blows. Since there is always rain and wind somewhere, that means there is always some debris on the shoulder of the road. So keep your eyes on the debris and avoid it when possible so you don't get a flat. The dirt that we have here is a clay base so when it gets wet it is very slippery. In the rainier areas on the island it is common to have some red dirt runoff on the road. If you see this while out riding be cautious and slow down, it is very slick and you don't want to slide out if you can avoid it.

Here a few things that you can expect:

Some road etticate tips

When riding on Maui it is always wise to assume that you don't always have the right of way on the roads. This doesn't mean it is not safe, just ride with more awareness of your space.  When out on some of the roads with little to no shoulder it is good practice to:

Most importantly wave on cars that hesitate to pass, this will help alleviate traffic on narrow winding roads

Always wave or "shaka" kindness goes a long way