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Ulalena | Lahaina, HI

Maui Theater | By maui theater
878 Front St, Lahaina, HI 96761
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Ulalena is an unparalleled Hawaiian production that has shared the rich caltural history of maui and its prople for 14 years. The show depicts the islands's history through authentic Hawaiian music, dance and over 100 instruments played live - all masterfully portrayed in a dynamic, colorful, emotional, and entertaining theatrical performance.

You'll be swept away on the same journey as the Hawaiian people - from the creation of the islands to the earaly island explores. You'll visit  volcanoes, vast ocean and primeval rainforests while meeting the Gods who rule each.

'Ulalena is a qintessential cultural experience for island visitors, and a must-see attraction when on maui.

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PLATINUM Seats $79.99

Children* (ages 6-12) $49.99 

The front half of the theatre, consisting of the first 7 rows in the center and the first 5 on the side wings. See seating chart on the right.

GOLD Seats $69.99

Children* (ages 6-12) $39.99 

Theses seats are located in the second half of the theatre; in the center section from the 8th-14th rows and on the sides from the 6th-12th.

SILVER Seats $59.99

Children* (ages 6-12) $29.99 

These seats are in the last two rows at the sides of the theatre.

*Children (ages 3-5) are seated for free 

*Lap Children (ages 0-2) are free (no seat required)