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The Sunset Ride | Lahaina, HI

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Ironwood Ranch, Lahaina, HI 96761
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The Sunset Ride

Maui sunset from horseback. View the brilliance and tranquility of a Maui sunset! Recommended for all riding levels.

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 IRONWOOD RANCH RIDES Horseback Rides Maui Hawaii

At Ironwood Ranch, we offer a variety of rides to suit all riders, from beginners to experienced, with a wide range of scenery and terrain. You will ride over lush pineapple fields, through tropical valleys and ironwood forests, and enjoy panoramic views of Maui and the neighbor islands.

Eco-historical horseback tours

Our experienced tour guides will bring your ride to life, as we travel through history-rich Hawaiian valleys and ancient home sites - you will enjoy learning about Napili's ancient history as you ride your beautiful horse through the awesome countryside!

Pick your tour

Look through the tours below, and you'll find the perfect ride for you. And remember, we can always schedule a custom ride for whatever your requirements are - just let us know!


The heart of any riding stable is its horses, and we have great ones! Our horses are part of our family, and the loving way they're raised and treated pays off in rider satisfaction and comfort.

The perfect horse for you

The perfect horse for you to ride is one of the correct size and temperament for your riding ability and style. We have a wide selection of fine horses, and will fit you with the one that will make your ride the most enjoyable, whether you've never ridden a horse before, or are an experienced horseperson.

Kids are welcome!

Ironwood Ranch has everything it takes to show your kids a great time. We have the perfect sized horses for everyone in the family, so that everyone has a blast!

Our horses are superstars!

We think our horses are tops, so we've named them after our favorite celebrities: we have Steven Seagal, Kurt Russell, Janet jackson, all waiting for you to ride!