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Te Au Moana | Wailea, HI

Te Au Moana Lua | By moana lua
3700 Wailea Alanui Dr, Wailea, HI 96753
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Te Au Moana

Te Au Moana, the ocean tide has brought manyh changes to these shores and yet Te Au Moana is the one canstant part of every islander's life that remains the same from generation to generation.

Experience lavish celebration as Te Au Moana brings to life the fascinating skills of our island people through vibrant songs and dances of the pacific.

Dine... as the ocean sits peacefully before you just as it has for thousands of years 

Dance...under the Maui sky, the moon and stars await you.

Discover... the fascinating stories of Maui and the Pacific through spectacular songs and dances presented by Hawaii's premier entertainment company

Te Au Moana, the ocean tide wil guide you through this unforgettable caltural expericence.

A constant among the vast generations of Hawaiians and Polynesians is the ocean tide. The tide linking all of Oceania, Te Au Moana: shares the ancestral storytelling of the people of Maui and the Pacific through lavish songs and dances. We invite you to enjoy an extraordinary Luau experience like no other.


Receive fresh flower lei, or carved wooden fish hook necklace Witness Lmu (Hawaiian Underground Oven Cooking)

Flower Crafting

Kapa adn bookmark making

Casual hulas and storytelling 

Polynesian Crafters