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Alan Cadiz started kitesurfing with the first kiting pioneers on Maui. With a lifetime of surfing and windsurfing experience, kitesurfing was second nature.

Alan Cadiz is now setting the standard for kitesurfing instruction. With nearly 25 years experience teaching windsurfing, coupled with 10 years of kitesurfing, Alan has developed a method of teaching that is second-to-none.

What makes us different? First, we are the only school on Maui that is with you every step of the learning curve. How do you learn? Your lesson starts on the beach with a kite just like the one you’ll use in the water, except it is rigged with short lines to take excess power out of the kite. You learn how to set it up, how to launch, fly and land the kite safely. On the beach, you can learn and practice the skills like using a harness and waterstarting, all with the ease and safety of short lines.

From there, you’re into the water and your instructor will come with you on a 10? paddle board. Never more than a few feet away, your instructor guides you out, and into shore again.

With the “chase boat”, your instructor can talk you through a maneuver, giving you comfort and confidence that they are there for you. You learn the skills faster because your instructor is giving you on-the-spot feedback; you don’t have to wait to get back to shore to learn from a beach-bound instructor what you were doing right or wrong. HST students learn faster!

As your skills improve you may be outfitted with a waterproof radio. Your instructor may or may not follow on the chase board. Either way they are in constant communication with you.