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Go Cycling Maui Is the Ultimate Cycling Tour Experience!

We treat you like you're on a professional cycling team, sort of a fantasy camp for cyclists. The added bonus is you get to cycle in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

We are a wonderful way to see Maui from the bike. We cater to all different levels of cycling abilities.

This could be the ultimate cycling experience — let us tell you more ...

Our Goals Are Two-Fold

First, we want our clients to experience the exhilaration of vacationing and cycling on Maui, and second we strive to make our clients feel like they are on a professional cycling team each time they ride with us.

We offer fully supported tours just about everyday of the year. There is one ride leader and one support person per three riders. Our group sizes are usually between 3 and 8 riders.

We will supply a Go Cycling Maui jersey, helmet and any gear that you will need. We suggest that you bring your cycling shoes, pedals, and cycling shorts. Try to make it so that you don't have to travel with lots of cycling gear.

The support team will cater to every client's cycling needs during the ride. We have a ride briefing, where we talk about the route before we get started. Our guides and vehicle support person make sure everyone is taken care of when they ride with us.

We want you to experience what it is like to have your own domestique working for you during your ride in paradise.

How Our Tours Arnoult

Contact us and let us know when your going to be available to ride and we can get you in our schedule. We are flexible with our schedule and the day or days you would like to ride with us. We meet at our Maui Cyclery shop in Paia at 8:00am for the ride starts.

Everyone gets set up on bikes, and we start riding around 8:30am. Our regular rides are 3 hours of saddle time with 3,500'- 4,500' of elevation gain over the 40-50 miles. We have seven different routes. All the routes are amazing places to ride.

We ride up Haleakala once a week — this is a 4-6 hour climb from sea level to 10,000'. It's the longest paved climb in the world. The distance is 36 miles and averages a 6% grade. This is not your typical hill climb, and you need to be prepared to be in the saddle for 6-8 hours to tackle this ride.

We cater to all levels of cyclists. Don't be intimidated and think your're not good enough to ride with us. We enjoy getting to ride with beginners as well as the professionals.