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Mahi Mahi (Dorado)


Mahimahi fishing in Maui HawaiiMahi Mahi is by far the most popular game fish caught while deep sea fishing in Maui and Hawaii. Their numbers are many and their growth rate is speedy. Mahi are some of the most colorful fish you will ever see. Light blue, green and yellow flying through the air! Mahi Mahi often put on an aerial show when caught. This is also some of the best tasting fish you will eat on Maui. Mahi Mahi usually travel in schools and often when you find the school you can catch as many as 30 Mahi in just a matter of hours. The female Mahi Mahi have more of a rounded head and the bull males have more of a blunt head. The males are also usually much bigger.Hands down the best way to fish for Mahi Mahi is with live Opelu. Our boats will bait fish for Opelu any chance we get. If we are trolling with Opelu next to a boat that is trolling lures it usually ends up with the other boat frustrated because our charter boat is full of Mahi Mahi and their boat is empty. A live Opelu in front of a Mahi Mahi is like putting a candy bar in front of a 5 year old, they can’t resist it. Again, lots of boats claim they live bait for fish but there’s only a handful that truly do it and we’re 3 of them.

Maui Sport Fishing Info

The Hawaiian Islands are the most secluded place on earth. Simply look at a map or globe and you will realize there is nothing but open ocean for thousands of miles around us. The fish that are caught around the Hawaiian Islands are some of the best prize fish in the world. Pacific Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi(dorado), Ahi(yellow fin tuna) and Ono(wahoo) are the most common fish caught around Hawaii. How do we catch them? With experienced captains, the best charter fishing boats in Maui and the extra effort that other boats don’t put in.

Sportfishing with Extreme Fishing Maui

Extreme Fishing Maui is a Small but dedicated family company that lives for extreme adventures and to fish in Hawaii. We live right here in sunny Lahaina, and you can find us most every day in the Lahaina or Ma’alea harbor assisting our customers and taking pictures of them and their catch. Aside from being avid fishing and outdoorsmen, we pride ourselves on customer service. We want you to have the best charter fishing trip Maui has to offer! We want you to go back home and tell your friends about Extreme Fishing Maui, and how we got you hooked into a “big one”. From our frequent outings on our boats to hook up with all of Maui’s killer blue water fishing, to spearfishing and shore fishing around Maui and the other surrounding islands, Extreme Fishing Maui is just straight dedicated to extreme adventures and fishing!

Why don’t you come join us!

Maui Charter Fishing & Deep Sea Fishing

Are you ready to get hooked… into a large Hawaiian Game Fish!? How about some adrenaline pumping Maui Fishing? Don’t be fooled by generic booking companies located somewhere other than Hawaii, we at Extreme Fishing Maui are the real deal! We are located in Lahaina and are passionate about sport fishing.

Let Extreme Fishing Maui get you out to catch your own big game fish that we will filet up for your dinner later that night. ! How often can you say, “I’m eating the Mahi Mahi that I caught fishing on Maui today!”? Let our extremely experienced fishing captains and crew put you into some monster fish while here in Maui, Hawaii!

There are 2 dozen or so Maui charter fishing boats that run out of Lahaina and Ma’alea Harbor every day. Why would you choose one charter fishing boat over another? What is it that makes one boat better for deep sea fishing from the other? What are the boats worth spending your hard earned money on and what is it that separates the successful Maui fishing from the average? These are the questions that you need to ask before making your decision on whom to go fishing with.

Extreme Sport Fishing in Maui

We at Extreme Fishing Maui agree that catching a big game fish is one of the most rewarding and exciting activities you will ever do in your life. From our Maui fishing captains and crew members to our reservation agents, managers and the owner of our company we want your experience in Hawaii and on our boats to be a memorable one. Our goal is to set us apart from the other charters in Maui. Fishing in Maui, Hawaii is unlike any other place in the world.