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Shark Dive Maui | Wailuku, HI

Maui Ocean Center | By ocean center
192 Maalaea Rd, Wailuku, HI 96793
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Shark Dive Maui

Guaranteed shark sightings! Descend into the depths of our 750,000 gallon Open Ocean exhibit and become immersed in Hawaii's rich underwater world with over 20 sharks, stingrays, and thousands of tropical reef fish.

Days: Available Monday, Wednesday and Friday year-round

Times: Starts at 8:15am, lasts about 2-2.5 hours

Includes: Admission to the aquarium for diver and one viewing guest,

weight belt and air tank. You can also bring in up to 4 other guests at a

20% discount.

Restrictions: Must be scuba certified and age 15 or over.

Reservations: Reservations required. Limited to 4 divers a day, two at a time. Call (808) 270-7075 or email info@mauioceancenter.com

Cost: $199 per diver plus tax.

Don't miss this experience of a lifetime!


What does the program entail?

You will come to the aquarium's Administrative Office (to the far left of the Front Gate) at 8:15am. You will get checked in and meet with your dive master before going behind-the-scenes to the briefing room, where you will watch a short DVD introducing the program and the animals that you will encounter during your dive. You will go to the Open Ocean Exhibit to get familiar with the exhibit, and then you get suited up in our guest lockers while the dive master preps your equipment. Then, you will enter the Open Ocean Exhibit, get comfortable, and then make a slow lap around the entire 750,000 gallon exhibit. Besides checking out all the animals up close, you may get a chance to feed the spotted eagle ray and you can even look through the sand for shark teeth, a free souvenir for you! You will have a dive master near you at all times, perhaps one other guest diver, and a safety diver watching your dive from the outside of the exhibit.

What should I bring with me? 

We will provide the air tank and the weight belts, so you will need to bring all of the rest of the dive gear (wetsuit, mask, BCD, fins, and regulator). You will also need your certification card. We have special lockers and showers for guest divers so bring a towel, bathing suit and change of clothes. If you have an underwater camera, bring that as well!

What kind of animals will I encounter? 

Animals in the exhibit may include but are not limited to: Tiger shark, hammerhead shark, blacktip reef shark, grey reef shark, whitetip reef shark, sandbar shark, spotted eagle ray, broad stingray, and dozens of species of tropical reef and pelagic fish. 

“Due to the constant rotation of animals back to the ocean, the presence of any specific animal cannot be guaranteed.”

How long is the dive? 

The dive will last about 30-40 minutes.

How deep is the exhibit? 

The exhibit averages about 20 feet deep.

I've been diving with sharks before- what makes this dive special? 

You've probably not been diving with this concentration of sharks (about 20 in 750,000 gallons) or with these species, which may include a tiger shark and hammerheads. Another very unique aspect of the dive is that you'll learn about the cultural importance of sharks for the Hawaiian people, as discussed in the briefing DVD by our Hawaiian cultural advisor. Most people's favorite aspect of this dive is that you will get to feed a spotted eagle ray!

Can I fly or go to the crater before or following my dive? 

We follow standard guidelines to recommend NOT going to altitudes over 1,000 feet for 24 hours after the dive, including flying. There are no restrictions before your dive.

Can I bring my own camera in? 

Sure! Our dive master will take the camera into the exhibit for you, take a few shots of you, and when you are comfortable, you can snap away!

Can my friends videotape or photograph my dive? 

Of course! One of the highlights of the dive is that family and friends can watch and photograph the entire experience!

Can I hire a videographer or photographer to come in with me? 

We usually have a few people we can put you in touch with to set this up, give us a call.

If I'm a resident of Hawaii, is there a discount? 

At this time there are no discounts available.

Seriously? You'll let me dive with sharks? 

Yes! We've had hundreds of divers participate in this program over the last few years and it has been very successful! While the sharks aren't considered 'tame' they are very well fed and they are used to having divers respectfully share the exhibit with them.

Can I go again

Yes! Many people do! Give us a call and we'll set up another dive for you!