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Maui Whale Watching on the Four Winds II | Kihei, HI

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Snorkel and Whale Watch Combo

Why just do a whale watch when you can do it all aboard the Four Winds II on a Snorkel and Whale Watching Combo Trip?

From late December through mid-April, you can join us on our daily morning or afternoon  Snorkeling and Whale Watch Combos while we observe the playful habits of Maui's most consistent return visitor – the Humpback Whale! During Hawaii's annual Humpback whale migration season, Maui Classic Charters is one of the few companies that combine the fun of a snorkeling excursions with the exciting experience of watching whales aboard the Four Winds II.

You get to snorkel, enjoy the splendor of Maui's coral reefs, swim in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, plus you get the added bonus of an awe-inspiring spectacle of humpback whales in action! Our captain and crew will be pointing out where to spot the whales and interpreting what their breaches, tail slaps and other acrobatics indicate.

For those who don't wish to get into the water, there's still plenty to do on board the Four Winds II.  Explore the glass bottom viewing room, watch fellow passengers splashing off the waterslide, or just hang loose while taking in the sun on our spacious decks!  Our fun and informative crew will be happy to entertain you with stories about Maui and the all the fascinating sea life surrounding you.  On both our tours, our crew grills up a hot and hearty barbeque lunch and serves your choice of icy cold beverages from the galley.

Year after year, many of our guests tell us how much more fun our Snorkel / Whale Watch Combo Tour is, rather than just taking the standard whale watching trip.  In fact we've had passengers cancel their reservations for their already pre-booked whale watch after coming out with us.  They saw whales aplenty aboard the Four Winds II and got to enjoy all the amenities!

Marine Naturalists Onboard

The Four Winds II Marine Naturalists and crew are fun and engaging while they explain, educate and point-out the interesting facts and behaviors of these gentle giants.  Depending on the opportunity, they will even lower a hydro-phone into the water, so you can listen to the underwater songs of the Humpback whales onboard the vessel.

Maui's Annual Humpback Whale Migration

Each year, from late December through mid-April, Humpback Whales migrate, from the arctic waters of Alaska to the warm waters of Hawaii. They come here to calve, mate and rear their young.  The shallow waters surrounding Maui are known as the "cradle of the humpback" due to the fact that a large number of humpbacks are raised in this area. This is the reason that whale watching in Maui is like no other place in the world!  There are literally hundreds of these humpback whales within this unique area.

Additionally, some Hawaiians have long-thought that Humpback whales may also be attracted to this area because of the island of Kahoolawe's unique profile.  When you look at Kahoolawe, from many angles, it does resemble the profile of a huge Humpback partially submerged and as these whales actually look when they are sleeping on the surface of the water.  Whatever the exact reason, the Humpback Whales simply love coming to Maui every year!  Who knows? They may have been Maui's very first winter tourists before the island was ever inhabited by humans.

Adult whales can reach 45 feet in length and weigh up to 40 tons! Their calves are born weighing-in at around 3000 pounds and grow at a rate of 200 pounds a day during the first few weeks of life. Now that's a big baby!

Fortunately, Humpback whales have enjoyed protection, in U.S. waters, since 1966 and continue to remain on our endangered species list.  There is still so much we do not know about these gentle giants and research continues to learn more and more about them.  That is why education is our most effective tool to save this species from extinction.

Like the oceanographic researchers, you can observe these awesome creatures from aboard a boat and witness the behavior of the Humpback whale up-close for yourself!  It is undoubtedly the most incredible way one can experience, study and appreciate their magnificence and splendor. 

Listen While You Snorkel and Snuba!

One of the coolest things to do, while snorkeling or SNUBA diving, during whale season, is to dive just under the surface of the water and hear the sounds of whales singing underwater! Because sound travels for many miles, under the water, and there are so many whales within Maui's waters, it is a common occurrence to be able to hear whale song when you dive down to about 3-5 feet.  Many times you can hear more than one of these creatures singing.  It is simply amazing!