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Each tour is $299 (plus tax) per car with an online advanced Reservation Inquiry.

Retail cost of each tour on Maui is $299. per car

We recommend you enjoy your own private maui land tour on one of your VERY FIRST DAYS on Maui 

to get aquainted with the island and so you can go back to some of the beautiful spots that your guide shared with you on your own.

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If you are on your honeymoon you probably want something really special; something romantic, with a little adventure thrown in for excitement. By the way, this is not only for newlyweds, romantic couples are included too.

Here is an example of what we might do:

Starting out in Kahului we can take the Hana Highway (highway is just a name!) and head out to the old plantation town of Paia. This could be our first stop if you want to get a quick breakfast at one of the trendy coffee shops where you will rub elbows with some of Maui's more eccentric characters, surfers and intellectuals.

Last chance for film, sunscreen, drinks, or anything else you may need for the trip since your only other store today will be in Hana.

Soon we'll pass Ho'okipa Beach, the world's most famous windsurfing spot, where the sports best hang out. Pretty soon we'll come to the "real Hana Highway": crooked and narrow. Somebody bothered to count them and says there are 617 hairpin turns and 54 one-lane bridges. Believe me, it's true!

Don't worry about all that, you have an expert guide at the wheel, you can take your eyes off the road and absorb all that fabulous scenery, I tell you, it is Gorgeous. This is the true tropical rain forest, the richness and variety of vegetation is astounding, plants that you recognize as house plants back home, grow out of control here!

At some point along the way we'll take a trail through the rainforest or follow a mountain stream to a secluded pool and waterfall. This is something straight out of a Hollywood set: crystal clear water, a waterfall you can swim under or sit on a rock and kiss, flowers and tropical vegetation all around you, the birds singing happily and keeping you company. It's perfect, but even better than Hollywood because it's real!! Here you can make flower and fern leis for each other or wash each others hair with awapuhi (shampoo ginger) in the clear water.

At this point your guide will conveniently dissappear for a while (times to be arranged) and leave you two all alone in your own paradise. You can also enjoy a picnic lunch you have brought along. Or, you may choose instead to go to a remote beach and roll around in the gentle surf together, Blue Lagoon sort of thing. Once you meet up with your guide again you will continue your tour. You may want to go on and visit the town of Hana, or go 'upcountry' to Tedeschi Winery, a beautiful and serene location, even if you are not interested in wine. You might like to stroll through some of the 'cowboy' towns upcountry and shop at the unusual stores to be found there. Our intent on this tour is not quantity, but quality. We want to take you somewhere really special where you can leave all your thoughts behind and do some real honeymooning!!!

Whatever ideas you have, bring them along and talk them over with your guide, we will try our best to grant your wishes.