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Each tour is $299 (plus tax) per car with an online advanced Reservation Inquiry.

Retail cost of each tour on Maui is $299. per car

We recommend you enjoy your own private maui land tour on one of your VERY FIRST DAYS on Maui 

to get aquainted with the island and so you can go back to some of the beautiful spots that your guide shared with you on your own.

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You want to go out and see the best of Maui, but you're not sure where those best places are nor which ones the kids will enjoy.

Driving for hours to finally make it to a botanical garden, "point of interest" or some tourist trap overrun with people, you read about in a guide magazine, just doesn't go over big with the teenagers. If you can get the family into the rent a car and over to our office, that's the last thing you'll have to think about for the rest of the day, other than will it be mahi-mahi or turkey and cheese for lunch. Depending on your ages, interests, athletic abilities, etc. you will give your guide a good idea of what you might enjoy and where to go. There will be some driving involved of course, but we know the distances and make plenty of stops in between for other fun things, like finding "awapuhi" (shampoo ginger) for washing your hair in a cool, fresh pool, collecting beautifull colored seeds for making souvenir necklaces, picking wild fruit off the trees, making flower leis or learning which plants make perfect natural bristle paint brushes and which others cure constipation!

Kids most ages (and many adults too) enjoy hiking to waterfalls where they can jump off the rocks or swing on a Tarzan vine and drop into the water. Exploring caves, there is one with water in it where we go swimming with a waterproof flashlight, is always a big hit. We might go boogie boarding or snorkeling. Choosing the right beach is important; one requires waves, the other, flat, clear water, your guide will know where to go. The possibilities are endless, the important thing is organizing your time and doing lots of fun things which include the whole family. We'll entertain those little darlings so that at the end of the day they're not all pulling each others hair out and you are wondering why you ever came on this vacation. Been there before? And at $299 for the whole lot, it's a deal!!