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Each tour is $299 (plus tax) per car with an online advanced Reservation Inquiry.

Retail cost of each tour on Maui is $299. per car

We recommend you enjoy your own private maui land tour on one of your VERY FIRST DAYS on Maui to get aquainted with the island and so you can go back to some of the beautiful spots that your guide shared with you on your own.

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At Guides of Maui - Maui Custom Tours we believe in giving you the best day you will have while on Maui, this is what we do. We achieve this by taking you to the best places we know and sharing them with you. Something very few visitors get to see.

In your case hiking may be what you enjoy and we have easy, medium and strenuous hikes for you. Usually, we include a hike into the rest of our all day tour, that is, the hike is just a part of your full day Maui experience. An easy hike would be a 10-15 minute walk over fairly easy terrain following a stream bed or a trail through a bamboo forest ending at a nice little pool with a waterfall where you can swim and maybe enjoy a picnic. Just imagine yourself at one of these idyllic locations with a beautiful little (or large, depending on the hike) pool with your own waterfall to swim under, the thick green rainforest engulfing you, eating wild fruit straight from the trees as the birds sing to you.

You may do more than one of these short hikes throughout the day if you like.

An intermediate hike could be an hour or so over similar terrain, including some climbing, also ending at a pool and waterfall, or, you might choose to hike along the ocean with the waves crashing on the lava rock coastline beside you, or, through a misty redwood forest up at 5000 feet on the slopes of Haleakala.

A strenuous hike might take you into Haleakala crater. Starting at 10,000 feet, hiking down to the crater floor at 7000 feet, and then back out to the 8000 feet elevation, a total of 21 miles. This hike is long and tiring, the terrain is easy walking and the landscape is...quite spectacular. Depending on the weather it could be very hot or very cold. All that's necessary is a small pack for food, water and clothing.

We have hikes to suit everybody, don't be scared off by the word hiking, you don't have to be a triathlete to enjoy a nice, easy hike. Once you get together with your guide you can talk over your options and choose a hike suited to your ability.