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Each tour is $299 (including tax) per car, regardless of the number of people in your car.

That's as low as $41.50 per person for 6 people! See our Rates Page for more information.

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So you're thinking of taking one of our eco tours?

Well, I hope you're ready to get your nice new sneakers dirty and do some hiking throughout the rainforest with us.

You will learn all about our animal and plant life, both indigenous and imported, island geology and native life-style. You can sample some of the wild fruits and nuts as well as learn which plants had medicinal value and which others had practical uses to the ancient hawaiians, a people who did not know metal. You can also collect colorful seeds to make a nice souvenir necklace for yourself or your children.

We will most likely begin our day by taking the Hana Highway (see map) to some convenient spot and then go for a hike, an example might go like this: following a stream bed, hopping over rocks, criss-crossing and wading the stream, making our way through a thick bamboo forest where you can loose sight of a person a few feet away, we will come to several quiet and peaceful pools and waterfalls for swimming in. There, you can wash your hair with awapuhi ("shampoo ginger") which we have collected along the way, relax, and maybe enjoy a picnic lunch.

For the very adventurous, we could swim down a stream, whose only access is a 15 foot jump into a deep pool, and then follow a series of waterfall jumps and pools, ending up 1/4 mile or so downstream. Then we run back to the starting point to retrieve our bathing suits!!

Be prepared for rain, this is the rain forest and there is a reason for all that lush, green vegetation. Instead of the Indiana Jones rainforest scenario, you may choose to go up the slopes of Haleakala volcano to it's summit at 10,000 feet and hike down into the crater. Attempting to describe this strange, lunar, landscape is not easy; it's something you must experience. Up there, vegetation is scarce, the only species that can survive the harsh conditions are found nowhere else.

A small pack to carry food and water is all you need, or you may opt for an overnight trip, packing tent, sleeping bag and food, with the help of your guide of course.

Eco tourism is a catchy word these days, with many people jumping on the bandwagon. With one of our experienced guides, on a totally private tour, you will be very close to nature, you will taste, smell and hear what Maui really has to offer.