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Blue Soul Maui, Kihei | By blue soul maui
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 Wahale Watching Prices Start at $ 69.00



Allow us to introduce you to a side of Hawaii rarely seen by visitors- and have fun in the process. No large crowds or smog producing motor boats will get in the way of your adventure when you choose the eco-friendly alternative that has been used in Hawaii for centuries. Ancient Hawaiians believed that their canoes (called Waa’s) had souls and thus were treated with great dignity and respect, a practice which we continue to follow today. We offer several different canoeing adventures, from Snorkeling and Whale Watching to paddling for sport and exercise. There is no better way to snorkel or whale watch than from an outrigger canoe!


Our OC6 canoe can accommodate up to 6 people, allowing families to enjoy a great ocean experience together, away from the crowds. Our guides are fun, personable, and knowledgeable in addition to being State Champion paddlers.

We welcome you to come and experience paddling in a Hawaiian canoe while enjoying Maui’s south shore. We make daily trips from Kihei to Wailea and Makena. We will even paddle to your hotel to pick you up! From there we’ll take a morning canoe tour that includes snorkeling, swimming and seasonal whale watching. Questions are always welcome and discounts may apply – 

Dolphin & Turtle Hunt  Prices start at $69.00




We understand that you’re on vacation and don’t want to work too hard. No worries! Our tours are very relaxed, and our experienced instructors do most of the paddling.

Snorkel with Sea Turtles Prices start at $109.00




Blue Soul Founder Charlie Fleck is very passionate about the sport of Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Racing and this passion is evident in every tour he takes out. Charlie spends his free time coaching a team of first year paddlers at Wailea Canoe Club and competing in outrigger canoe racing in Hawaii. Charlie and his team recently finished 3rd in the State Championship races.


The Hawaiian canoe features a traditional dugout canoe with one or more lateral support floats, known as outriggers, which are fastened to one or both sides of the main hull. Outrigger canoes offer more stability than a traditional single hulled canoe. This gives the canoe the ability to be faster while also offering the versatility of being able to be sailed or paddled in rougher waters.

Sunset Paddle – $59.00  Price is per person

Outriggers played a key part in Hawaiian history. Polynesians are credited with the earliest settlement of our beautiful islands. They are believed to have traveled here using large double-hulled sailing canoes. Here the canoe saw its first evolution with the discovery of the Hawaiian Koa Tree. These trees offered large enough logs so that the traditional planking method was no longer necessary to build the canoe. Solid, one-piece hulls distinguished Hawaiian canoes from Polynesian canoes.

Once they were settled in the islands sailing gave way to paddling. Long distance traveling was no longer as common or necessary, but the outrigger design was useful for fishing in rough open ocean waters. Canoes also offered easier movement of warriors and goods during tribal conflict as opposed to travel by foot over rough lava trails.

The Ancient Hawaiians depended on the ocean for food, but also valued it for recreation. It was a natural evolution to sport and racing. Victors in the sport of Ancient Canoe Racing were received with much pride and prestige. Today’s canoe club members harbor the same respect for their winners. In 1908 the Outrigger Canoe Club was founded. The Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association was established in 1950 as a governing body for these clubs to compete. And the rest is history…