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Jumping Lessons "Flight School"

Our flight school can cover anything from the basic chop hop to advanced maneuvers like inverted aerials. You can do Intro to surf-sailing, up to full on down-the-line waveriding. You decide what techniques you want to learn.

Action Sports Maui has a reputation as the that most progressive windsurfing teaching center in the state. Our school offers that highest levels of training available to the general public. In the advanced classes courses and clinics, our instructors are sailing with you and are on hand to give you constant advice and feedback. Our flight school can cover anything from the basic chop hop to advanced maneuvers like inverted aerials. You can do Intro to surf-sailing, up to full on down-the-line waveriding. You decide what techniques you want to learn. The training starts on the beach with the theory and orientation, then onto the water for the practical exercises. Sailing with the instructor at your side is a lot safer too. We can show you safe jumping techniques and surf survival tips. We show you how to get some big air and some serious hang time. Windsurfing in breaking surf is where it gets really exciting, but don't wipe out in the impact zone until you get the right training! Wavesailing should only be attempted by strong swimmers because of the likelihood of being separated from the board. We can teach you any specific technique or we can go out and work on your general technique and trouble shoot your style etc.

Terms & Conditions:

All participants and their guardians, should first read our disclaimer, website privacy statement, and agree to our policies before making any purchase or booking. Purchasing equipment or Booking a lesson implies that you have read, understood, consent to and agree to abide by, the policies of the school and the following Terms and Conditions.


The material on this web site provides general information only and is not intended as advice and must not be relied upon as such. You should make your own inquiries and seek independent and/or alternative advice prior to making any decisions. This web site may contain information about activities and sports which by reason of their physical exertion or the degree of physical fitness required and environment may be unsuitable or potentially dangerous for certain persons. The web site may also describe activities which involve higher than normal risk or potentially dangerous. Action Sports Maui LLC, its staff, agents, and webmasters make no representations as to the nature, quality or suitability about any or all of the activities or products shown on this site and the user agrees that the user shall be responsible for first satisfying himself/herself by independent enquiry or advice as to the suitability of the particular activity. Any comments about the classes or courses described on the site do not necessarily apply to broadly to the sports in general. And they do not apply to all locations and conditions where these sports may be practiced. Suitability of the activity varies by location, conditions, and operator experience, and course content. Ocean recreation activities in and around the ocean rely on natural forces that may be difficult to fully predict and anticipate. Wind, weather, water, waves, currents, sea creatures, other water users, hidden hazards, pollution and water traffic, are all factors that can affect the overall safety of participants. Anyone engaging in or contemplating participating in any ocean activities should take into account the potential for increased personal risk, and the possibility of severe injury, disability and even death. Action Sports Maui LLC will not be liable, in negligence or howsoever, for loss, damage, liability or inconvenience suffered by you or any other person resulting from any action or decision by you in reliance upon the information on this web site.


Use of watersports equipment requires safety training. When purchasing, renting, or using any equipment and/or product from Action Sports Maui LLC. ("ASM"), you assume all responsibility for any damage/injury that may result from using this equipment and/or product in any way. ASM assumes no liability for the use of any equipment and/or products purchased, rented, used, and by purchasing/using this equipment and/or product from ASM, you understand, acknowledge and accept this release of liability.

Payment Policy:

All lessons should be pre-paid. If you give a credit card to hold the lesson, it will be usually be charged the before the lesson. Credit card numbers given on the phone will be charged as a phone sale. The three digit Card Security Code (CSC) number on the back of the Visa/mastercard or the four digit CSC codes printed on the front of Amex cards will be sufficient as your authorization to make charges to your card. Credit cards are usually charged at the time of the booking. You may also be asked to give your billing address's zip code as further identification. Credits or additional charges will be made to the original credit cards used to make the booking. There is a 10% rebooking fee for activities rebooked by the customer. A minimum 48hours notice of cancellation is required for any private lesson. Cancelled lessons will receive a raincheck credit and may be re-book or be taken as store credit. There is no credit given for lessons cancelled within 24hours. Receipts can be emailed, faxed or mailed on request. Please indicate that you would like a receipt at the time of booking. If you decide to extend you lesson, we will make any additional charges to the credit card that made the original booking.

Deposits on Credit Cards: 

All deposits and payments made for accommodation, and instructor courses, are non-refundable. When booking accommodation and travel related activities we recommend getting travel insurance, in case of any cancellations or changes. Bookings for accommodation can not be changed within 30 days of check in date. Prepayments for accommodation by check or other payment method are not refundable within 30days of check-in date.

Payment Errors:

If you notice a duplicate charge or other accounting error on your statement, please email us with the details and we can reverse any erroneous charges usually within a few days. Our office hours are 9am -5pm Hawaii Time, Monday to Friday.

Pricing policy:

All prices are subject to change. Pre-paid lessons will be honored up to three months from the time of booking. Otherwise the higher price will prevail. Coupons and receipts must be presented at the time of booking. Ka'amaina discounts must provide a Hawaii driver's license. Unused gift certificates expire after one year. Credits or unused lessons will expire after one year. No discounts or coupons or credits can be applied after the lesson has been paid for. A 10% surcharge may be added for Sundays and public holidays. In the absence of any gratuity a 10% Service Charge may be added to group bookings and multiple day lessons. All prices are listed excluding the Hawaii State tax. Tax will be added.

Tax on Accommodation: 

Accommodations have 12.42% tax plus some booking fees usually apply. Most of our accommodations have a minimum three night stay, cleaning fees, and key deposits. There is a 10% fee for cancellations or rebookings. No refunds, credits or cancellations allowed within thirty (30) days on prepaid accommodation. (other conditions may apply).

Payment of Taxes:

All retail products and services including lessons are subject to the Hawaii State General Excise Tax GET. As is usual practice all the Prices quoted do not include the State Tax. 4.17% will be added to each price for the calculation of the total. This is the usual customary practice in Hawaii. Payment of state taxes is mandatory. We cannot waive the taxes, so please do not ask.

Discounted Pricing:

All lesson packages have discounted pricing. The discount is calculated on the total quantity of lessons being pre-purchased. No other discounts will apply to discounted packages or products. Discounts, coupons or club members credits cannot be combined. Ka'amaina discounts must provide a Hawaii driver's license. If a person purchases a lesson package and does not complete the full package. They may receive a partial credit based on the time used. Based on the next lower tier of pricing. For example the three day price break, only applies to three completed days of instruction, if a person only completes two days, they will be charged for two days at the single day rate, and be credited the difference from what they paid (less the 10% cancellation fee on the difference). There is no credit for last minute cancellations (within 24 hours).