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Shortboard Basics "Feel the power" | Maui, HI

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Shortboard Basics "Feel the power"

This is an introduction to short-board sailing lesson covering the basics. The "Shortboard Basics" class includes 1.5 hours of instruction on floaty transition boards, or shorter bump & jump type gear. This course is not a beginner course. but it is great for people with some long board experience who want to get into sailing stronger winds on smaller gear. In this class we can cover; Short-board Basics, Board trim, beach-starts, pre-waterstart tips, how to use the harness, getting into the foot straps, and how to do some basic short-board turns and maybe some basic intro to some jibing. This class can be tailored to the needs of the individual student. Flat water sailors can use this class as an introduction to ocean sailing for the first time. If you just want to work on your overall technique. If you do not know the waterstart yet, you will definitely want a larger transition board that you can uphaul. Shortboard basics lessons usually start at 12:00noon or 2:30pm. This lesson is usually taught as a private lesson, but you can add a buddy if you want to do a semi-private class. 

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