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Intermediate Surf Class "Go for it" | Maui, HI

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Intermediate Surf Class "Go for it" 

In this group* lesson, we show you how to catch more waves, read the waves and ride more waves. Including going down the line, turning and trimming. There is always more to learn. We supply the wave action, and instruction you supply the attitude. This is a great follow on class from our Beginner Surf Classes or for the self taught surfer. Surfing with an Instructor is safe and rewarding, especially when you are surfing new locations for the first time. In this class basic longboards are included (shortboards available separately). You are welcome to bring along your own board or you can rent a surfboard from the shop at a discount with the lesson.

Surfing is a great way to get in touch with the ocean. Our experienced instructors will give you their personal attention and share the surfing experience with you. Learning to surf could be the beginning of your new lifelong passion. We offer a range of classes for individuals and the whole family.

Action Sports Surf School is a full service surfing School since 1996, with all levels of Surfing lessons and Adventures. We teach the sport of surfing and impart to each student a sense of respect for the ocean. Each lesson is designed to equip the student with the knowledge and skills that they will need to enter the ocean responsibly and safely at their particular level.  Our beginner surfing area located on Maui’s south shore, in a 20 acre Marine Park that offers a variety of surf breaks to suit different levels of surfers and changing ocean conditions.

We Naish Kailua "Wide-style" and Starboard Go's for our beginner/intermediate windsurfing lessons. These stable and versatile boards are the first choice learning vehicle worldwide. These boards are much easier to use than the old schools boards used long ago, that is why learning to windsurf is now easier than ever. We couple these boards with our unmatched quiver of lightweight rigs featuring the latest Sails. We have a comprehensive range of sail sizes starting from the tiny 1.2 meter Micro style Kids sail. The original kid's sail was custom designed for us by sail designers and our own master windsurfing instructor. kids get the best kids rigs that are both fun and functional mini-rigs. 

This sail reflects the philosophy of the sail's designers that young sailors should have access to serious equipment not just toys. The sail range has incremental sizes, right up to the largest sizes to accommodate sailors of various weights statures and abilities. These Sails are matched to lightweight Carbon Fiber masts. The booms are light weight and are custom designed with a narrow grip diameter for added comfort and ease of use. The combination of these components in our windsurfing rigs are the very best and latest technology available, no expense has been spared to give the student the equipment to learn easily and progress rapidly.