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Kalaupapa Experience | Honolulu, HI

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Kalaupapa Experience

Among all the things you can do when in Hawaii, a visit to Kalaupapa will surely rank among the most memorable.  Here, where blessed Saints Damien and Marianne gave so much of themselves in their tireless mission to provide comfort for Hansen’s disease patients, you will come to know the devotion and historical context of this incredible chapter in Hawaii history.

This tour is available from Honolulu, Kapalua, Maui, and from topside Molokai. You may choose to fly in and fly out, fly in and hike out, or take the mule ride in and out. When flying in from Honolulu, bring a book to read or another way to pass the time as, in true Hawaiian style, the tour bus will arrive when it does; there is no pressing schedule for the residents of Kalaupapa. Your guide will take you on a comprehensive ground tour and provide background and fascinating facts about this unique community.  You’ll be provided with insight and understanding of what happened here and why Hawaii’s two saints are so revered.

For everyone except those who choose to hike in and out, box lunch and bottled water will be provided. You will have an opportunity to purchase snacks and souvenirs in Kalaupapa.

Damien Tour from Honolulu        Price/Each

Fly in and fly out                             $315.00

Hike down and fly out*                    $291.41

Mule ride in and out             $367.65

Damien Tour from Honolulu        Price/Each

Fly in and fly out                             $197.00

Hike down and fly out*                    $142.58

Hike both ways                               $69.00

Mule ride in and out             $367.65



Fly in and fly out                             $399.00