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If you seek adventure, you'll find plenty, whether it's in a sunken ship as you uncover its secrets, in a far corner of the world amid other peoples and cultures, or in your backyard - closer than you imagined possible. 

If you love nature, you've come to the right place. 

No other environment approaches the abundance, diversity and vibrancy of a pristine coral reef. You can see more different species in ten minutes there than in ten hours in the most unspoiled wildernesses above water. 

But with time, you'll discover that even unlikely places that seem empty and sterile to the inexperienced eye - like a lake or flooded quarry - teem with intriguing organisms - a reminder that nature's imagination exceeds ours. 

Come dive with us here on Kauai. 

It's somewhat cliché, yet true, that we know the surface of the moon better than we know the bottoms of the oceans. Even at the most popular dive sites, you'll see things most people never see and go where most people ever go. 

Even with hundreds of dives under your belt, visiting a new dive site thrills you with discovery, and visiting a familiar one is a bit like coming home. 

And scuba diving, especially scuba diving with Scuba Steve on Kauai, means rising to new challenges. It's one of the rare activities that deliver adrenaline and intensity, or serenity and peace. 

You can take on challenges requiring training, planning and focus: searching for and recovering lost objects, descending to 100 feet (if your diving level permits) or exploring your favorite dive site after sunset. 

Or you can drift along in some of the world's most tranquil and beautiful settings, with your biggest immediate worry whether you want to stop and photograph that star fish or not. 

Either way, diving grows with you - there's always somewhere new to explore, something new to see, some new way to enjoy the experiences. No other endeavor so easily matches exactly what you're up for, right now, tomorrow, and ten years from now. You cannot outgrow it. 

It is designed to quickly move you into the open water environment. 

After a straight-forward knowledge and skill development session, you will dive in small groups (maximum of 4 divers) at a local dive site. You will learn basic dive safety information and overview skills that you will use during your open water dive. 

The Water skills Development Session introduces essential dive skills, such as mask clearing, regulator clearing and alternate air source use. You will complete skills and gain confidence in confined water before diving in the open water. Then, together we will explore a local dive site. 

The Open Water Dive Experience is where you will, under the close and watchful eye of your PADI Instructor, put into actual practice, these newly acquired skills !!!


Safety Skills

Instructor Demonstration

Student Practice & Mastery

Explanation of Equipment & Mask Preparation

Effects of Pressure at Depth

Equalization Techniques

Regulator Recovery

Regulator Recovery & Clearing

Mask Partial Flooding and Clearing

BCD Inflator/Deflator Techniques

Proper Breathing Techniques

Proper Swimming Techniques

Use of SPG (Submersible Pressure Gauge)

Underwater Communications

PADI Hand Signals

2-tank "Creature Feature Guided Reef Tour" 

(dive gear available at nominal fee)


2-tank "No Certification Required" Creature Feature Guided Reef Tour 

(includes dive gear)


2-tank "Rusty Diver Review & Creature Feature Guided Reef Tour" 

(dive gear available at nominal fee)


2-tank Scuba Steve's Night Dive Adventures !!! 

(primary, back-up & tank lights included)

(dive gear available at nominal fee - additional restrictions may apply)


2-tank DPV (Underwater Scooter) 

(includes scooter rental - dive gear available at nominal fee)