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Ashtanga yoga | Hanalei, HI

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P.Box No-990, Hanalei, HI 96754
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$15 - $210


All ages


Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Open: 7:00am, Close: 7:00pm
Open: 7:00am, Close: 7:00pm
Open: 7:00am, Close: 7:00pm
Open: 7:00am, Close: 7:00pm
Open: 7:00am, Close: 7:00pm
Open: 9:00am, Close: 10.30am
Open: 9.45am, Close: 11.45am

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What is A?tanga Yoga?

A?tanga Yoga is the ancient eight limbed science of self realization described in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. Patanjali’s A?tanga Yoga provides a step by step process of the science of self realization and the actualization of our full potential. Addressing all facets of the human being, its foundation lies in the Yama and Niyama, the moral and social codes of conduct along with the practices of ?sana, (yogic posture). In the exploration of Vinyasa the breath is synchronized with movement and the body, mind and psyche become aligned reintegrating the mind/body complex are resolved. 

Class Schedule


7 - 8 amSatsangSatsang



8 - 10 amVinyasa I/IIVinyasa IIVinyasa IVinyasa I/IIVinyasa I/IIVinyasa I

9 -10:30 amVinyasa I/II

9:45-11:45 am

5:30 - 7 pmRelax DeeplyRelax Deeply

Relax Deeply

Relax Deeply

Class Descriptions

Relax Deeply - All levels welcome.

A restorative Yoga practice with supported floor postures that support deep relaxation, tension release, stress management and foster your body's innate healing capacity. Excellent as a prenatal practice, for remedying fatigue or those suffering chronic pain.

Vinyasa Yoga Level I: all levels

Level I/II and II: enthusiastic beginners welcome

Synergy of breath and movement form the basis of Krishnamacharya's Vinyasa. Explore a full range of postures; hip openers, forward bends, backbends, balancing, twisting and inverted postures in a systematically approachable way.

Morning Satsang

Start the day with chanting Patanjali Yoga Sutra and a basic Pranayama practice followed by a meditation. Class is free of charge when attending the following class.

Class Fees

Single Class$15

5 Classes (valid for 2 months)$65

10 Classes (valid for 2 months)$120

20 Classes (valid for 2 months)$210

Traveler's Special 3 classes$40

Kauai Kama'aina Special *

unlimited 2 week pass$50

Monthly Kama'aina/each consecutive month$150/$130

Visitor's Monthly$180

6 Month pass (auto pay) $120 monthly6x $120.00

Mat Rental$1

* no refunds, transfers, or extensions.