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$40 - $40


All ages


Check the description for time information.

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Rent Gear and Dive on your Own!

Want to dive with your buddy, on your own? Feel free but let us guide you to the right spot and with the right equipment! Need a tank filled, need weights, forgot a piece of gear at home? We have you covered. We check your diving certification ID so certified divers only but if you need snorkel gear or some float boards for the kids, well we have that too.

Rental Equipment

Rental is valid by the day, week or month.

$40 package includes:

• Weight Integrated BCD

• Wet Suit

• Regulator

Fathom Five Weather Guide

The people that live here just kinda go with the flow. Every day Mother Nature sends whatever she feels like to the islands and every single day, it's different. One day it's beautiful and sunny... the next day, cloudy and rainy (a PERFECT day to be underwater!). We even have rain and sun at the same time (hence the many rainbows) so to help you cope with the massive diversity of Hawaiian weather, we have developed the Fathom Five Weather Guide for persons visiting the islands.

1. Plan on getting a little wet

2. Plan on getting a lot wet

3. Never believe anyone when they tell you what the weather is going to do

4. Don't let it get to you and be versatile

Why dive with Fathom Five?

Minutes from the dive sites

Fathom Five Divers is located on the south shore of Kauai in Old Koloa Town, just 5 minutes from sunny Poipu Beach and Kukuiula Harbor, where we launch our custom dive boats for some of the best Kauai SCUBA diving! From there it is just a few minutes more to the most spectacular diving on Kauai. Ocean Quest Watersports operates a just minutes from the North shore and our favorite Kauai SCUBA shore diving location, Tunnels Beach. Having these two locations allows us to dive virtually anywhere on Kauai.

Custom 6-Passenger Boats

Fathom Five has a fleet of 6-passenger vessels. Our custom build Radons were built in Hawaii specifically for Hawaiian waters. Fathom Five is the only 6-pack diving operation on Kauai. We never mix our groups, which means if you're certified, you'll only dive with other certified divers, and because we have a fleet of boats, we can cater to both advanced and rusty divers (rusty divers get a free can of WD-40). With the addition of our awesome new Hawaiian-built 35-foot Force boat Fathom Five is the only 6-pack diving operation to Niihau and Lehua. GUARANTEED!

Full-featured dive shop

Being a full featured shop we carry a wide selection of SCUBA gear and accessories, camera, apparel, books, and more. Don't forget that Fathom Five offers underwater digital camera rentals with full flash and strobe light capabilities. We offer full rentals for Snorkeling and body boarding as well! We are proud to offer Enriched Air/NITROX for all of our Enriched Air certified divers. If you want to learn about or try Enriched Air/NITROX then you can do a Discover Enriched Air dive or take a full class and become certified in this safe and healthy way to dive.