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Open: 8:00am, Close: 6:00pm
Open: 8:00am, Close: 6:00pm
Open: 8:00am, Close: 6:00pm
Open: 8:00am, Close: 6:00pm
Open: 8:00am, Close: 6:00pm
Open: 8:00am, Close: 6:00pm

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Certified Divers 

Certified divers will enjoy exploring Kauai’s beautiful reef systems.  All necessary scuba equipment is provided, including a full length wetsuit for extra warmth.  Certified divers will enjoy an interesting site and marine biology orientation.  Our detailed site briefings include an explanation of all aspects of the dive such as depth, topography, marine life and safety procedures.  Our marine biology briefings include fish identification along with interesting facts about endemic and rare species that may be encountered at each site.  Each dive is approximately 45 minutes long depending upon air consumption with an average depth of 35-60 feet.  Divers will enjoy a relaxing surface interval which always includes delicious snacks, cold beverages, and a hot water shower, and then it’s back to the water for your second dive.

The average time for a standard 2-tank dive experience is approximately 4 hours from arrival to departure.  Should you choose to only do a 1 tank dive, the approximate time from arrival to departure is approximately 2 hours.

$79.00 for one tank dive (includes all equipment) 

$119.00 for a two tank dive (includes all equipment)

$69.00 for a one tank dive (tanks/weight only)

$109.00 for a two tank dive (tanks/weight only)

$139.00 for a two tank Tunnels Dive (tanks /weights only)

$149.00 for a two tank Tunnels Dive (includes all equipment)

Kauai’s waters offer a diversity of reef topography in combination with a rich assortment of marine life that makes for truly remarkable diving.  Dive sites like Koloa Landing in Sunny Poipu and Tunnels Reef in Haena are nurseries for many colorful reef fish including triggerfish, surgeonfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish, and moray eels.  Majestic lava tubes, rocky outcroppings, and large coral structures create the perfect habitat for fish to prosper. In Kauai, we are also very lucky to encounter the endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle on nearly every dive! The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles can reach 300+ pounds and are prolific on Kauai. Their main food source, which is algae, grows in abundance here because Kauai is one of the wettest spots on earth. Rivers flowing into the sea from our mountain ranges disperse nutrients which feed algae and make it thrive. Because of this, the sea turtles stay close to shore and allow for awesome viewing encounters. 

The most popular south shore dive site is called Koloa Landing.  This is a shore dive located in very protected Hanaka’ape Bay, which is sheltered from surf, wind, and chop.  The entry and exit point is a convenient former boat ramp which we use to access the reef.  There is very little surface swim involved, as the dive site begins just steps off the ramp.  We set up all of your equipment close to the water in a comfortable setting complete with carpet, chairs, and an ice chest full of refreshments and snacks.  Koloa Landing is known as a colorful dive, full of vibrant stony corals as well as a huge abundance of marine life.  The large horseshoe-shaped bay allows us to dive in two distinct areas, perfect for a two tank excursion.  The maximum depth here is approximately 50 feet with an average bottom time of 45 minutes, depending upon air consumption.  Our dive times are 8:00 am, 1:00 pm or dusk.  Mornings are typically calm on the south shore of Kauai with trade winds picking up in the early afternoon, so our morning dives are amazing.

The animals we encounter at Koloa Landing on a regular basis are:  Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, up to seven species of moray eels (including the rare dragon eel), leaf and devil scorpionfish, octopus, hermit crabs, a variety of invertebrates (cone snails, auger snails, helmet snails, shrimp, sea stars, urchins), and hundreds of tropical fish!  We also have a pair of Hawaiian scarlet cleaner shrimp who will hop right into your mouth if you let them to clean your teeth!  This is their job for the fish living on the reef! On rare occasion, we are lucky enough to encounter frog fish, dolphin, spotted eagle rays and even the elusive Reef or Galapagos shark. During the months of December through April, we are also fortunate to hear the sound of Humpback whales singing during our dives here.

We dive at Koloa Landing seven days a week, year round, and always have lots to talk about when we surface.

The most popular north shore dive site is called Tunnels Reef.  This reef is located approximately 15 minutes past Hanalei on a beautiful white sand beach with stunning Bali Hai views.  We set up all of your equipment close to the water in a comfortable shaded setting with carpet, chairs, and an ice chest full of refreshments and snacks.  Tunnels Reef is a wall dive which is located just steps from the waters’ edge.  The reef itself is an ancient lava flow full of cracks, crevices, and large caverns which spiral through the reef.  We have both an inner and an outer reef, which makes Tunnels Reef perfect for a two tank experience.  This site is known for having some of the best topography on the entire island.  As divers, we can venture through the lava formations that are full of sunlight and have crystal clear visibility (only certified divers can go through overhead environments).  This site is famous for its’ topography as well as for the chance to see larger pelagic animals.  The maximum depth here is 55 feet with an average bottom time of 45 minutes, depending upon air consumption. The dive time at Tunnels Reef is 8:00 am.  We do not conduct  afternoon dives at Tunnels Reef because it gets very windy and the visibility dramatically decreases.

  The animals that we encounter at Tunnels Reef on a regular basis are: large Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, White Tip Reef Sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, schooling Barracuda, and a variety of Silver Jacks.  We also see Spiny Lobsters as well as different Nudibranchs inside of the caverns.  There is not much coral at this site as the main attraction is the lava tubes and tunnels that make up the formation of the reef itself.

We dive at Tunnels Reef Monday through Friday during the calm summer months, generally from May through September, conditions permitting.  There is no diving allowed weekends or holidays at Tunnels Reef due to local regulations.

All dives with Kauai Down Under include: