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Morning Tours

We begin our tour just after sunrise and leisurely head up to the Na Pali coast, stopping along the way to view scenic and historic sites along Kauai's West side. We normally encounter spinner dolphins along the way which is always fun to see them right off our bow. As we hit the cliffs of the Na Pali, the rays from the sun are just starting to descend into Kauai's remote valleys. We will explore hidden caves and waterfalls and stop for lunch and snorkeling. After lunch, we will begin our journey back South, enjoying the scenic views and whatever wildlife crosses our path.

Check-in Time: 7:15 AM

Gets back around 12:30 PM

Duration: About 5 Hours

We provide ocean rafting tours from the closest harbor to the Na Pali Coast on Kauai. Once checked-in, we leave from Kikiaola harbor to start our Na Pali coast tour. We maximize your viewing time with our fast ocean raft (commonly referred to as a zodiac) carrying no more than 12 to 14 passengers for maximum comfort. Fewer passengers means more space to spread out and more Fun!

On our raft tours, we provide lots of viewing time to see all of the marine life on our way to see the Na Pali coast. We may see spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, flying fish, spotted eagle rays, manta rays, monk seals, Hawaiian green sea turtles, and we cannot forget the sea birds. We continue up the North-Western coast of Kauai to all the wonders the Na Pali has to offer. We could go on for hours about this pristine coast but you have to see it to truly enjoy the waterfalls, sea caves, mountains, cliffs, and valleys.

After sightseeing, we normally snorkel at a site called Nualolo Kai as long as the sea and weather conditions permit. At Nualolo Kai, we talk story and provide snorkeling instruction for you. Since we have the shortest travel time to get to the Na Pali coast and we don't have a set schedule, we can take our time snorkeling and enjoy the marvelous Nualolo Kai reef. Having enjoyed the water, we dry off and indulge in some lunch consisting of sandwiches, great snacks, and cold drinks. Soaking up the warm sun, we head on back to Kikiaola Harbor.

Just one trip with Captain Na Pali and you'll be smiling from ear to ear. Step on board his U.S. Coast Guard approved ocean zodiac raft and RELAX! You're ready for the Na Pali coast adventure you'll talk about for years to come.

Your journey takes you along the famed Na Pali coast where turquoise waters meet lush green cliffs. Playful spinner dolphins and gentle Hawaiian green sea turtles cruise nearby. ENJOY!

SNORKEL! Our snorkel tours are guided by certified PADI dive masters. Experience the incredible ocean life with those who know it best!

Morning and afternoon snorkel tours are available. Maximum capacity is limited to 12 to 14 passengers but Captain Na Pali encourages you to take one of our private tours.

Explore our website to find pictures taken on actual raft tours led by Captain Na Pali, learn more about the snorkel tours offered, find answers to frequently asked questions,

or to make a reservation.