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Private Charters on Kauai’s Napali Coast

If you have a group or a larger family vacationing here on Kauai.  You might want to consider booking a private charter on the Napali Coast. Our smaller boat, the Makana, is perfect for a private family charter tour. While the Makana is certified for up to 20 passengers, we limit it to 12 for the comfort of our guests.

Makana allows  7-12  passengers on our smaller vessel or if you need more seating our sister vessel can be accommodated for your needs.

Our private tours and charters consist the same amenities and departure times as our morning and afternoon tours.

There are very few places on earth that compare to the rugged scenic beauty of Kauai’s Na Pali coast.  ”Na Pali” in Hawaiian simply means “The Cliffs”.  When you see how sharply the giant cliffs jut out of the ocean, you will understand why the Hawaiian people needed no further description for this unique, rugged part of Kauai.

Our trip departs from Kikiaola Harbor, the closest consistent departure point for the Na Pali Coast on the island.  From there it is a short cruise past the US military base toward Polihale.  As we make our approach to the coast, the boat is often visited by a group of dolphins.  While we do not guarantee that you will see dolphins, we will say that the majority of our trips will see them and your chances are good.  Be sure to have your camera ready, as they are fast creatures able to keep up with the speed of our boat.

Polihale is a unique beach that deserves a visit in itself.  It is a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike.  As we cruise past you will likely see a collection of 4×4 trucks parked along the several miles of beachfront.

From Polihale the coastline dramatically rises over a thousand feet to mark the beginning of the Na Pali Coast.  Each successive ridge and mountain is unique.  The vegetation slowly changes from the dry, red-tinted west Kauai climate into the lush, green, wet North Shore climate. No matter what the weather is like, you will be treated with awe-inspiring views.  Clouds just add to the mystique of such a wondrous landscape.  Even when it is raining, you will be treated with seeing hundreds of waterfalls bringing life to the landscape.  Some of these originate high in the mountaintops thousands of feet above.  Others spring out of the rock as if a giant drill tapped into the mountainside, releasing streams that come out of the ground.

One of the highlights of the Na Pali Coast is the Kalalau Valley.  This is one of Kauai’s (and all of Hawaii’s) gems.  The valley extends 2 miles inland from the mile-long beach with a waterfall at its’ head.  There are no roads that lead to Kalalau, only a strenuous hiking trail that is oftentimes rated as one of the most grueling hikes in the entire Hawaiian islands.  Yet for those with the stamina to head on it, many regard it as one of the best hikes they have ever accomplished.

Throughout the coastline are several caves big enough for the boat to pass into.  Sometimes under a big swell we cannot do this, but we will do our best. Makana is one of the largest tour boats that can fit into these caves – an experience you will definitely remember.

Eventually we will stop for lunch where we can relax, have a bite, as well as go snorkeling.   The crystal-clear waters on the Na Pali coast will leave you breathless, even with a snorkel! You will see dozens of fish species, coral reefs, and even the occasional sea turtle saying hello.  Here is a video giving you a taste of the experience:

When we finish snorkeling, it is time to head back to the port, and hopefully you have a new appreciation for the beauty of such a unique coastline.  You are one of a very small number of people who are able to view this very special place.

5 hours after departing we return to Kikiaola harbor, stepping foot on land once again, but hopefully taking some of the magic of the Na Pali Coast back with you.