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In Good Glazes | By art painting
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Liz was raised in Alaska by entrepreneurial parents so it is no surprise that right after graduating from UAA she started her own business.  What is surprising is that she was brave enough to do it in a whole new state (she and her husband Nick moved to Billings specifically to start IGG ) and with her mother as her silent business partner. (If you know me, you know I am seldom silent and that I am writing this because Liz would never brag about herself ~ Karen aka mom) 

Liz has been recognized as one of the Billings Gazette 40 under 40, she has stewarded IGG to economic success while other small businesses struggled and she created a studio good enough to win Readers Choice several times.   All this while maintaining a family and serving as her Church Council President.   ( I am one proud mom!)

Her dedication to customer service, efficient studio flow and top notch care of customer projects is what makes IGG the studio you enjoy today.  

Why Igg? 

We have coaches on staff to give you ideas and feedback.  They will walk you through the basics and if you just do those things, your project will look amazing! (even if you don’t have onecreative bone in your body!  But if you want to do more, well we have ideas for you!  

Our award winning studio prides itself on the work you probably don’t know about.  We over- glaze every project (this provides a uniform finish) and use state of the art kilns for firing.  Your project will dry, be dipped, dry again, be carefully loaded into the kiln, spend 31 hours curing and finally end up on our pick -up shelf with a shine that makes all the difference!   Most of this process is done after hours so wave as you go  by if you see the lights on!  

Ceramic Painting

Mosaic Creation

Pottery Wheels