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Trail Riding | Deer Lodge, MT

Rock Creek Cattle Company, Rock Creek Golf Course | By cattle company
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Welcome to Rock Creek Cattle Company, a 30,000 acre historic Montana working cattle ranch, traversed by streams and framed by mountains. It’s the Western lifestyle lived to its fullest, with diverse homestead offerings ranging from one acre to 110 acres, along with luxury Cabins and Cottages built along Rock Creek that embrace the grandeur of their setting. In addition, Rock Creek Cattle Company boasts one of Tom Doak’s finest private golf courses as its centerpiece. The Rock Creek Cattlemen’s Club – our beautiful, well-appointed lodge – as well as our full-service Fitness Center are both located on the creek’s banks. Rock Creek Cattle Company’s impressive landscape is situated on the northeast side of the magnificent Flint Creek Mountain Range, just outside of Deer Lodge.


Ideally suited for the adventurer that likes a little motorized excitement, we maintain a fleet of ATV’s for exploring The Ranch and surrounding areas. The Ranch is crisscrossed by miles and miles of scenic back roads. From river bottoms to the high mountain Rock Creek Lake, the vistas just never stop, and our ATVs will allow you to explore it all like no other vehicle can.

The land that now makes up Rock Creek Cattle Company was once a part of the historic Grant-Kohrs Ranch, a sprawling empire that spanned nearly 10 million acres of southwestern Montana. Rock Creek Cattle Company is comprised of the 28,000-acre Home Ranch and secluded Rock Creek Lake. In addition, Rock Creek Cattle Company leases 50,000 acres from the state specifically for cattle grazing. This land, known as “Spotted Dog”, is one of the best elk winter ranges in Montana and a wildlife mecca with elk, bears, wolves, deer and antelope.

Out here most introductions still start with a slight tip of the hat and a firm handshake. This casual formality will be your first of many meetings. You’ll soon discover that the Ranch will keep introducing herself to you day after day, year after year. Familiarity will come from knowing her history and tradition. A true connection is born from riding the land. Welcome to the Ranch.

Montana wasn’t settled so much as it was conquered by fierce individualists who vowed to take on natural extremes and physical rigor to create a life out on the frontier. Opportunity seemed limitless on the blank canvas of land that flanked Lewis and Clark’s Missouri River journey. It was in this era of yet unclaimed grandeur that cattlemen declared their valleys by gesturing toward distant mountain peaks to indicate the desired boundaries of their ranches. Thus was born the historic Grant-Kohrs Ranch, near what is now Deer Lodge, Montana.

The original Grant-Kohrs Ranch was established when Conrad Kohrs, in partnership with his half brother, John Bielenberg, purchased land from Canadian fur trader, John Grant in 1866. The up-and-coming cattle barons expanded the Grant-Kohrs Ranch until it covered 10 million acres of southwestern Montana. Today the remaining 1,500 acres are dedicated to the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site. Visit Grant-Kohrs today and you’ll find that they still do things the old-fashioned way from blacksmithing horseshoes to haying the fields with draft teams. Since the 1860s not much has changed here including the site’s working cattle ranch.

Part of the original Grant-Kohrs Ranch, the land Rock Creek Cattle Company sits on, was more specifically part of the Kohrs and Bielenberg Land and Livestock Company, which was sold in three large parcels after the dissolution of the Grant-Kohrs cattle empire. The land east of the original ranch house was purchased on July 1, 1919 for $100,000 by Charles H. Williams and Peter Pauly of Deer Lodge. Pauly and his wife immigrated to the United States in the late 19th Century from the city of Pau, near the Pyrenees in France. Pauly arrived in the Montana territory in 1889 at the age of 18, Being a native of the Pyrenees, Pauly fell in the love with the ranch’s surrounding mountains and decided to settle here. In 1895, Pauly was approached by Williams to partner and start a joint ranch, what would become the Williams and Pauly Outfit, the forerunner to the Rock Creek Cattle Company.

Over the next five decades, the Williams and Pauly Outfit grew into a substantial ranching operation. Second-generation ranchers, Peter Pauly II and Ray Williams made a trek to Miles City to bid on bred heifers and headed back home with increased numbers of stock to strengthen The Outfit. The Ranch was passed onto a third generation of the families and it wasn’t until 1948 when The Outfit was amicably divided. The name Rock Creek Cattle Company came from a Kansas City business tycoon who bought the Ranch in 1971. In 2004, Bill Foley purchased the Ranch and began making his vision of Rock Creek Cattle Company a reality. Raised on ranches his whole life, Bill has a deep connection to the beauty and tradition of the land.