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Snowmobile Guides | Darby, MT

Bitterroot Adventures | By snowmobile
458 Rye Creek Road, Darby, MT 59829
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ATV tours and rentals & snowmobile tours and rentals in Montana's scenic and historic Bitterroot Valley:

See and experience the rugged Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains of Montana on an ATV or snowmobile. Many species of wildlife can be seen like elk, mule deer, white tailed deer, moose, coyotes and bald eagles.

Our guided ATV and Snowmobile rides are tailored to your level of experience and ability. If you want to venture out on your own we will give you a bit of direction and a map of the area. The Bitterroot offers two "designated" ATV trails- Overwhich Falls and Chain of Lakes.


Overwhich Falls Trail has some advanced riding and leads to a beautiful falls in the back country. Chain of Lakes Trail starts out easy for the first few miles and then gradually gets more advanced. This trail has a great overlook of several mountain lakes and is located in a proposed wilderness area and provides some hiking and fishing opportunities. The Skalkaho/Rye Snowmobile Trail offers spectacular scenery and over 50 miles of groomed trails. Bitterroot Adventures is located 5 miles south of Darby, MT or 65 miles south of Missoula, MT on Hwy 93.


 Snowmobiling offers you the opportunity

to witness the serenity of winter's back country beauty

along with riding........fun........and adventure!

 Make Montana's Bitterroot Valley Your Winter Destination


 Whether you choose guided tours or unguided rentals, we have a selection of snowmobiles to choose from.

Machines for Single or Double Riders

All have Hand Warmers

Some with Electric Start and Reverse

Whatever your level of ability, with a little instruction, most people feel comfortable the first time out.

Sightings of moose and other wildlife in their winter habitat is often an extra bonus to back country touring.