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Open: 12.00pm, Close: 6:00pm
Open: 12.00pm, Close: 5:00pm
Open: 12.00pm, Close: 6:00pm
Open: 12.00pm, Close: 6:00pm
Open: 12.00pm, Close: 5:00pm
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Welcome to The Red Poppy

Our Web Site

Welcome to our new web site - a work in progress.  The artists and artisans that are currently listed are only a few of the over 130 local Mission Valley community members who have work at The Red Poppy.  And, the items presented are only a few pieces, representative of their work, intended to show the diversity of the work of this amazing valley.  Please come visit us.

Our Location

THE RED POPPY, opened in May 2005, is centrally located in Ronan, MT at 1 Eisenhower St SW. For information on events, attending a class or instructing a class you may stop by from 12 to 6 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 12 to 5 Wednesday and Saturday or call 676-3010.

Our Mission

The mission of THE RED POPPY is to provide a vital cultural center to the population of the Mission Valley. THE RED POPPY and its management team strive to encourage lifelong learning through the arts, to create an environment for artistic and cultural expression, and to provide opportunities for diverse experiences through participation and exhibition.

Our Goals

The goals of THE RED POPPY are to provide an outlet for local artists to express their talents, to provide a learning environment for the people in the Mission Valley to explore their interest in the arts and to discover hidden talents, and to bring in various entertainers to the community.

About Us

"We want to provide a place to serve the diverse community of Mission Valley artists, sculptors, weavers, spinners, musicians, actors and dancers - a place where everybody can come together to teach, learn and share." ~Julia Borden

Olivia Lynn Olsen

The art partner of THE RED POPPY, OLIVIA teaches drawing and painting (acrylic, water color, as well as oil), printmaking, pyrography (wood burning) and pottery. Olivia's specialty is in encouraging her many students, both children and adult, to think outside the lines. One of her favorite comments is "a mark is a mark" no matter what it is made with. She has taken her classes outside to use mud puddles as paint and to find brushes from twigs, leafy branches, and even feathers and rocks. Olivia's own work has evolved to combine many mediums. She is very fond of incorporating hand sculpted pottery pieces, as well as developing dimensionality, into her works.

After raising her own family, Olivia took the opportunity to go to the University of Montana, Missoula, to study art. She graduated with a BA of Fine Art and has a teaching K-12 Art Certification. Upon graduation, she then spent six years in Destin, Florida working with interior and exterior decorators painting murals and both Faux and sculptural finishes. Upon her return to Montana, she continued art work in homes locally, worked for St. CharRo Florist, participated in Charlo Arts Camp, worked for the NinePipes Art Group Annual Auction, as well as THE RED POPPY.  Olivia is a very popular artist, avidly sought after to do "live paintings" during local charity art auctions.

Julia Borden

The music and business partner of THE RED POPPY, JULIA teaches violin and viola. Born in Texas and raised in Springfield, Illinois, Julia attended the University of Illinois, the New School of Music (Philadelphia), and earned a BMusic from Chapman University in Southern California. Her primary instrument is the viola and she has studied with Paul Rolland, Paul Garvey, Roman Totenberg, Francis Tursi, Max Aronoff, Mehli Mehta, Virginia Blakeman Lenz, San Taylor, and Annelies Aiking Taylor. She has played in many community orchestras and chamber ensembles including the Springfield, Illinois Symphony with Harry Farbman, the Interlochen Summer Orchestra with Howard Hansen, the U of Illinois Symphony, La Camarata (Champaign-Urbana, Illinois), the conducting teaching orchestra of Pierre Monteux in Sorrento, Maine, the Louisville Symphony, the Allentown Symphony, Julian Bream's Chamber Group of Cambridge U (England), the California State U Dominguez Hills Symphony, the U of Nevada Reno Symphony, and more recently the Missoula and Helena Symphonies. She performs regularly at THE RED POPPY.

After raising her family, Julia completed a MBA and PhD in Management at UCLA and taught for the MBA Program at Pepperdine Univeristy, UCLA, California State University Dominguez Hills, and for the University of Maryland in IRKURTSK, SIBERIA. Now retired, she and her husband Donn (a retired commercial pilot) have been in the Mission Valley since 2002, coming from Carson City, Nevada. Julia is actively involced in the local community, being a member of a Whitefish loan commitee, a member of PEO, and Registrar of the newly organizing KUILIX chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Artist in Residence and Teacher (see Home - About Us page)

  "The vision for NATURE  BY  DESIGN (my recent show haning in the gallery through Spetember 23) came for me in October 2009 as I stood by the creek quickly sketching the view that later became "Post Creek."  I was struck by the curves of the creek bed, the swirls in the water and the eye-catching shapes and contrasts of the trees and slopes beyond.  At that moment I wondered if it would be possible to recreate and simplify the designs that nature presents to us every-where we look.  I felt the need to reduce my sketch to its simplest form, striving for the essence, the sense of place.  There is an underlying motion to the land - nothing is really static."


"If art is the visual entrance into the mystery of creation, then for me the mandala is the ultimate portal.  The word 'mandala' is derived from the root 'manda' which means essence, which, with the suffix 'la', results in the meaning of essence container. It's circular form symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and time, orbiting a center, as the earth orbits the sun, but with a new maturity and a different perspective each time it goes around.  Due to it's rhythnic nature mandala gazing can be a deeply relaxing exercise encouraging it's viewer to gradually come at the center of both the mandala and one's self. "


Scenic Landscapes, Wildlife Photography, and Fine Art Prints   www.lumen-perfectus.com

"My photographs are an attempt to capture, preserve, and share the world's natural beauty, perhaps bringing an awareness of others of the peril in which it exists."


"While trying to remain eclectic in my photographic subjects, I confess to certain preferences for architecture and landscapes.  My primary interest is in conventional black and white photography, silver gelatin chemistry prints.  However, I use and experiment with the digital electronic medium, which together with the amazing digital darkroom software, is rapidly developing into a quality imaging tool. I seek geometric rhythm and motion, not only in the lines of the subject, but also in the lighting and value tonalities."