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The Yellowstone Gallery & Frameworks is located at 216 West Park St. in the heart of beautiful downtown Gardiner, Montana. The magnificent splendor of Yellowstone National Park lies just beyond our sidewalk where radiant hot springs and spouting geysers, stunning canyons, towering waterfalls, and abundant wildlife intrigue and captivate all visitors. 

In 1980, we too, Jerry and Christina Kahrs, were enchanted by the vast wonders and beauty of Yellowstone and so, set down roots on the northern boundary of the Park. By 1983 we'd established the Yellowstone Gallery & Frameworks with the endeavor to express the spirit and soul of this unique wonderland by offering to our patrons various artistic impressions of the landscape, wildlife, and living history of the world's first National Park. 

The Gallery's raison d'être is to provide an outlet for these artistic visions, mementos and totems. Our exemplary arts, crafts and gifts are carefully chosen to reflect the special qualities of this treasured natural habitat. Offerings include authentic and original works of all media: watercolors, oils, giclées, limited edition prints, sculpture, photography, posters, pottery, weavings, basketry, jewelry, and much more…something for all tastes and budgets. Our customers can shop with confidence and security. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. 

And for those who have not yet been here, let this be an invitation to Yellowstone's past and present. We can assist you in choosing the perfect Yellowstone memento. 

Now the Gallery is expanding its historic and contemporary collection to include works beyond Yellowstone's borders. Navajo jewelry, Zapotec rugs, Leaf Lines, and stone castings are a few of our latest additions. We welcome you into our virtual Gallery and our Yellowstone home. Please feel free to browse. 

For the latest up-to-date information, please visit our "Squawking Raven" Newsletter. 

Please fill out our form, e-mail us, or call us at 1.406.848.7306. We would love to help you decide on just the right piece. Any information collected from you is kept confidential and not disclosed to any other party. 

The Yellowstone Gallery & Frameworks showcases exemplary wildlife and western art, crafts and gifts that are carefully chosen to reflect the special features of Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding habitats. 

We offer authentic, original, handcrafted items, as well as reproductions. This includes works of all media: watercolors and oil paintings, giclées, limited edition prints, sculpture, photography, posters, pottery, weavings, basketry, jewelry, woodworks, and more. Much of our artwork is available in a custom picture frame ready to hang. We have something for all tastes and budgets. 

Located in Gardiner, Montana, the Gallery has recently expanded its historic and contemporary selections to include works beyond Yellowstone’s borders. Native American jewelry, Zapotec rugs, Leaf Lines, and Stone Castings are a few of our latest additions. Welcome to our Gallery. Please feel free to shop with confidence and security.

Fine Art

Fine Art is distinguishable by one defining characteristic: quality. Of course, at last resort, judgment always rests in the “eye of the beholder”. That's the nature of art in general. Today's art market demands diversity and creativity from its artists and purveyors of Fine Arts. The Yellowstone Gallery is dedicated to showcasing exemplary art in various media. Look with an open mind and critical discernment. Ultimately, you, the viewer, are the judge.


The Yellowstone Gallery is pleased to headline many of this country's premier artists and craftsmen. Our aim is to showcase their talent, artistic vision, and varied interpretations of the diverse landscapes and wildlife of the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem & beyond. Each artist has a story to tell in his or her unique and passionate way. Please join them on their creative journeys as they explore the exciting realms of fine arts and crafts.


Photography’Wild Bison Stampede - Yellowstone National Park’ by Mark MillerPhotography continues to evolve and gain acceptance as a Fine Art medium. Many elements contribute to setting apart Fine Photography from the ubiquitous snapshot. A few of these defining characteristics are patience and timing, composition, technique, sometimes just plain luck, oftentimes courage, but most of all, the “artist's eye” of a skilled photographer.

With its vast, varied habitat and abundant wildlife, Yellowstone National Park offers the photographer unlimited opportunities to capture revealing portraits of this unique, powerful, beautiful, majestic land and its inhabitants.

The Yellowstone Gallery is pleased to showcase the remarkable talent of some of today's hardest working photographers. We also feature works by notable artists of history who lugged heavy cameras and equipment through the Park during the rough and tumble bygone days to capture a moment of time. You're invited to take a look through their eyes at the stunning landscapes and exciting wildlife of this rich wonderland. See Yellowstone in all its splendor and take home a gift of nature.

Hand-Crafted works

Products that are made by hand have a distinct appeal and advantage over items that are mass-produced or machine-made. The distinguishing characteristic of handcrafted goods arises from the personal care that is given to them by the creative artist. The heart, soul, and reputation of the craftsman rests in the quality of his or her work.

The variety of materials used creatively is extensive. Nature is recycled and reinvented in pottery, basketry, woodwork, stonework, metalcraft and more. Material shed from animals and plants, such as antler and leaves, become something new and cherishable. Their essence lives on.

The Yellowstone Gallery is proud to feature commendable handcrafts that are worthy of a special place in your home or office. These items are essential décor and beautiful to look at. Many have functional value as well. All come with the Yellowstone Gallery “stamp of approval” and are guaranteed to bring you years of enjoyment and satisfaction.


For centuries, fine jewelry has been worn for its beauty and adornment. Indigenous people have traditionally worn jewelry as totems, amulets and talismans. That tradition continues today throughout the world. Jewelry helps to define who we are. The Yellowstone Gallery has hundreds of choices available. Native American artisans create with silver, gold and gemstones. Montana jewelers specialize in gold, silver, agate, sapphires, and other birthstones Antler castings, wearable bronzes, and horsehair are fashioned into pins, bolos, buckles, amulets, necklaces, and more. Handcrafted jewelry is always an appropriate and thoughtful gift for a loved one or for oneself.

Historical Items

The rich & varied history of Yellowstone National Park has been expressed artistically since 1872 when it was established as America's, and the world's, First National Park. Since that time artists and craftsmen have creatively captured its charm and beauty in such diverse media as colorful prints, posters, engravings, coins, beautifully illustrated playing cards, and souvenirs of all sorts.

Now, over 125 years have passed, and collectors world-wide covet these early expressions from the ubiquitous postcard to the simple matchbook. Renowned artists & photographers such as Thomas “Yellowstone” Moran, William Henry Jackson, and F.J. Haynes – now all deceased – have left their indelible marks on these treasures. To appreciate their artistry, take a closer look at the grandeur of Yellowstone through their eyes and capture a moment of Yellowstone History.

The Yellowstone Gallery is pleased to be able to offer some of these rare original specimens and reproductions of Yellowstone's bygone days.