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Montana Fish and Wildlife requires that all hunters have a current hunting license on hand.
Montana hunting licenses must be obtained before arrival. Licenses are not sold on premises.

 Conveniences for Hunters:

 Deer Hunting

Many hunters from the east wish for hunting mule deer and many hunters from mule deer country long for a chance at a trophy whitetail.  Well it doesn’t matter what group you fall into because here at PR Country Comforts we have great opportunities for both.  Whitetails have historically been the main quarry at our farm.  Like most major riparian areas the Yellowstone River and immediate drainages into it provide a great environment for producing trophy whitetails.  Although nothing is guaranteed, you can expect to see bucks in the 130 range and it is not uncommon to see bucks that are 140 or better.  If your goal is to harvest mule deer you won’t have to change hunting locations.  

Living right in the same areas as the whitetail the mule deer also roams. Whichever of the two you desire makes no difference to us!  Pick your game and pick your date!  We only allow the harvesting of a few animals to maintain a good quality and plentiful numbers of animals so contact us soon and reserve your dates.

Geese Hunting 

Waterfowl season in Montana begins in early October and runs through mid-January.  Our farm, located 4 ½ miles east of Forsyth, Montana is in the heart of the Central flyway and really heats up when the cold winds of the north start the geese migrating, normally around the beginning of December.  Approximately two-thirds of the farm, bordered by the Yellowstone River, is devoted to growing winter wheat. This is an ideal feeding ground for the birds and an excellent place for hunters to set up their blinds and decoys. Another method of hunting geese at PR Country Comforts is one that is unique to most hunters and not often attempted.  

Because our farm is located approximately 200+ ft. above the Yellowstone River, the daily travel of the birds to and from feeding in the fields puts them in a great position for the hunter to try some fast action wing shooting.  Standing in the cover of the pine-covered bluffs overlooking the river, hunters can spread out along the ridges in the mornings or evenings when the birds are traveling the most, and try this unique and challenging method of hunting Canada geese.  With liberal bag limits and lots of birds to hunt, this little spot in eastern 

Montana is a great getaway for the experienced and inexperienced goose hunter. Once hunting is finished for the day, hunters won’t have to go far to find rest and relaxation.  On the farm is the newly renovated 2,000 sq. ft. farmhouse.  This house, built in 1939, has been completely remodeled and refurnished to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Right out of the field, hunters will know they won’t have to wait long in line to get cleaned up with two showers and a bath in the guest house.  When finished up there, they can head on over to the fully equipped kitchen to make whatever suits them and the rest of the party.  To calm down from the hunt and supper, there also is a mini library in the sun porch, a lounging room for games or a television to catch an old western.