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Greg & Janet Lilly, along with Bill & Mary Kemph welcome you to Healing Waters Lodge where you will find a magical blend of ingredients for your perfect fly fishing vacation:


It is never easy to blow your own horn but we feel that we have one of the most experienced, knowledgeable and personable group of guides in the country. Each of these men will work their hearts out for you. They will not just help you catch fish but they will make you a better angler and they will share with you their love for Montana and its wonderful natural treasures.

Bill Kemph

Bill Kemph is a native Montanan who grew up fishing and hunting the rivers and forests of SW Montana. Following graduation with a degree in education from the University of Montana Western, Bill decided that he wanted to build a career as a guide and outfitter. For almost 20 years Bill has guided both fishermen and hunters in Montana. He operates his own hunting outfitting business, and is a superb angler, skilled in all aspects of fly fishing including instruction, an accomplished tier and a wonderful streamside companion.

 Greg Lilly

Greg Lilly is also a native Montanan. He has been a guide in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming for 40 years. He has been an outfitter and owner/operator of four outfitting businesses in Montana for 22 years. Greg Lilly has a reputation world wide as a teacher of fly-fishing and as one of the finest guides in the Rocky Mountain area.??Lilly and Kemph have put together a program of guided fishing and fly fishing schools that should provide professional assistance to all anglers from those just getting into the sport of fly fishing to the most veteran feather tossers. We believe that we have the finest crew of professional, experienced and personal guides found anywhere in the west.

 Bart Doig

Bart Doig is another native Montana who chose to stay in state and make a career as a professional guide.  Like all our guides Bart is a wonderful angler and a terrific stream guide however Bart’s real passion is chasing exceptionally large trout on some of the Stillwater fisheries of SW Montana. Bart has had clients catch a number of fish in the ten pound class guiding anglers and hunters in Montana for 25 years.

 Butch Wicks

Butch is an import to Montana.  We will forgive him that since he grew up in Oregon and has guided steelhead and trout fishermen for many years in the Northwest and Montana.  Butch recently retired from a career as a teacher and now is one of the primary instructors of the Lilly & Kemph  "Learn to Fish Like a Guide Schools." Butch enjoys technical match the hatch type of fishing and is really at home on our spring creeks.

 Terry Throckmorton

Like most of the other guides on our crew, Terry grew up in Montana.  He has been a fishing and hunting outfitter in SW Montana for well over 20 years.  Terry is another apparently easy going and laid back Montana guide.  He is a very easy man with whom to spend time on the water but don't let that relaxed demeanor fool you! When it comes to finding fish and game Terry is a predator!

 T.J. Migneault

T. J. Migneault is the newest addition to the staff of Lilly & Kemph Outfitting.  T.J.  has been a guide in the Missoula, Montana area for six years. He established an excellent reputation on the Clark Fork, Rock Creek, Blackfoot and Bitterroot rivers.  T.J.  is one of those guys who is fishing every day of the year when he is not guiding.  He knows the Big Hole/Big Hole area well and is looking forward to working and fishing this corner of Montana on a full time basis.  We are very happy to have T.J. join our team!

 Bob Flynn

Every team has to have someone who keeps things loose.  Bob Flynn is our wild Irishman.  Bob is one of the real  "Old Men" of guiding in the Big Hole and Beaverhead Valleys.  He has guided anglers on these waters for over 30 years.  He is head of the local guides and outfitters association.  He knows the trout on all the SW Montana rivers by name and is just a lot of fun to be with on the stream.

 Cassandra Osborn

At Lilly & Kemph Outfitting we feel very fortunate to have Cassandra on our team.  She is an excellent angler and most pleasant companion on the water. Cassandra has guided anglers in Montana for many years. She is a licensed fly fishing outfitter with a reputation as a superb guide. Cassandra spends her summers guiding anglers in Montana and then finds a way to spend the winters pursuing bonefish, permit and tarpon on the flats of some exotic location. 

Chuck Robbins

Chuck is not only a veteran fly fishing guide but also a professional photographer and author. He has written the "Fly Fisher's Guide to Montana" and "On the Fly Guide to the Northern Rockies". His photographs have appeared in numerous prestigious magazines such as Montana Outdoors. Originally from Pennsylvania, Chuck learned his fly fishing craft on very selective small stream trout. He is a patient teacher and enjoys sharing his knowledge of spring creek and small meadow stream tactics.