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Welcome to the Original Bighorn River Lodge -The best fly fishing experience on the Bighorn River!

home-horizontalMontana’s Bighorn River Lodge has drawn avid fly fishing enthusiasts and sportsmen alike for decades. Known as a top fly fishing destination, the Bighorn River boasts an abundance of trout ranging in size from 15 to 19 inches, many exceeding 20 inches. Recent fish counts indicate an unsurpassed fish population of 7000 - 8000 brown and rainbow trout per river mile. The Bighorn River is situated just north of the Bighorn River Canyon which straddles the Wyoming-Montana state line. If you are looking for a once in a lifetime Montana fly fishing vacation, this is your destination!

 Embracing this unique landscape, Bighorn River Lodge exists to provide the ultimate in Montana comfort as well as outdoor adventure.  We specialize in enhancing the experience of our guests with expert Montana fly fishing guides, resort-like accommodations and gourmet cuisine. Guests may choose to stay in one of our 5 bedrooms, fitted with two beds and Big Sky charm or rent our private Caddis Cabin which houses up to 5 guests. The Western style and rustic elegance of the lodge make it somewhere between a cabin atmosphere and executive Montana retreat.

 home-verticalUnique only to the Bighorn River Lodge, we are located directly on the bank of the Bighorn River 13 miles downstream of Yellowtail Dam, allowing our guests their very own private river access. We pride ourselves on hiring friendly, local and knowledgeable Montana fly fishing guides who spend hundreds of days on the river each year refining their skills. As professional experts in the art of fly fishing, our guides can work with all levels of experience.  While changing seasons and water conditions vary, anglers can expect to have consistent nymphing opportunities with timely dry fly hatches. Streamer fishing is often available for those who want a bit more of an angling challenge. Begin and end your day with four course culinary creations as prepared by our execute chef and staff.

 In 2011 the Bighorn River Lodge reintroduced the tradition of Cast and Blast which specializes in waterfowl hunts. The fertile croplands bordering the temperate waters of the Bighorn River create amazing habitat ideal for migrating ducks and geese.  A world-class fishing destination mixed with Montana’s legendary wing shooting creates an unforgettable Western experience.

Fly Fishing

fly-fishing-horizontalThe Bighorn River’s reputation as one of Montana’s best fly fishing destinations speaks for itself. With the completion of Yellowtail Dam in 1967, the Bighorn River has become a clear, cool tailwater hosting between 7000-8000 rainbow and brown trout per mile. The average trout caught on the Bighorn ranges in size from fourteen to twenty inches. Guests are often surprised by the abundance and size of trout caught each day. Without a doubt, fly fishing Montana’s Bighorn River is an unforgettable experience.

A typical day of Montana fly fishing might include nymphing, streamer fishing or dry fly fishing. As trout adapt to changing water conditions and aquatic insect life, fishing conditions vary. Your fishing guide will work with you to find the approach that fits your experience level and expectations. For more information on bug hatches, read this great article on Bighorn River Hatches. For current river flows, check out USGS Real-Time Water Date for Montana.

fly-fishing-verticalBighorn River Lodge prides itself on hiring local, knowledgeable Montana fly fishermen as guides. Our guides spend hundreds of days on the river each year and will be happy to assist you with all elements of technique. They guide many clients who are casting a fly rod for the first time as well as seasoned anglers who have fly fished their entire lives. These professionals are devoted to their craft and will do everything to ensure your time on the water is the best Montana fly fishing experience possible.

Our small fly shop offers fly fishing necessities and outdoor clothing. We are proud to offer high quality rods and reels available for purchase in the shop. Rental rods and waders are also available for a nominal fee.

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The Bighorn River Lodge

lodge-horizontalA Destination Fishing Lodge Awaits You

Your epic day of fishing the Bighorn River will conclude at the Lodge’s private boat ramp where our attentive staff awaits your arrival. The Bighorn River Lodge is the only lodge situated directly on the bank of the upper Bighorn River, so jump out of your waders and into the inviting atmosphere of a resort that reflects the rustic elegance and hospitality of the Big Sky Country.

The Bighorn River Lodge is crafted in the log-style construction that is representative of historic Montana. Guests enjoy luxurious double occupancy rooms that have been updated and renovated for your comfort.  Each room features a pair of soft, warm beds adorned with fine linens, a private bathroom and plush accommodations.  King size beds are available for couples on request. The Lodge comprises of five different bedrooms each with it’s own unique personality and décor. With the addition of the Caddis Cabin, we can easily accommodate groups up to fourteen.

A warm and inviting hearth room is where most guests congregate to swap stories of the big one that didn’t get away.  Enjoy a crackling fire in the fireplace and delicious hors d’oeuvres. Step out onto our spacious deck and take in one of Montana’s breathtaking sunsets while the finishing touches are made on dinner.

lodge-verticalThe Bighorn River Lodge has been described by our guests as “a gourmet restaurant disguised as a fishing lodge.”  Guests can expect hearty Montana-style breakfasts, delicious handmade boat lunches, and savory home cooked dinners that are beyond compare.  A typical dinner might include your choice of Merlot Glazed Beef Short Ribs or Cornmeal Crusted Walleye with Lemon Caper sauce, served with Garlic Roasted Mashed Potatoes and Bacon wrapped Asparagus.  It is truly exquisite cuisine, prepared from scratch every day.

After a relaxing meal around the dinner table, enjoy a friendly game of poker at our custom made poker table, fish our private bass pond or hit the river one last time and take advantage of the evening hatch.

We Are Here To Meet Your Needs

Whether sharing your passion for fly fishing with family and friends or corporate clients, the Bighorn River Lodge caters to groups of all kinds.  With a state of the art conference room, first class amenities, experienced guides, professionally prepared meals, and riverfront access, the Bighorn River Lodge offers everything you need to create a unique and unforgettable experience.