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Montana Adventure Travel:

We provide a complete Montana adventure. Whether it is a fly fishing trip, horseback trail ride or a Montana big game hunt for Elk, Mule Deer, or Mountain Goat, K Lazy Three Outfitters is here to provide you the opportunity of  a life time. The abundance of Montana game and fish plus the majestic scenery of the Rocky Mountains provides a wilderness opportunity for that adventure vacation!

Montana Summer Adventure Trip:

Our summer wilderness travel adventure combines a summer camping vacation along with horseback riding and great trout fly fishing to provide a perfect adventure . Spectacular scenery, well trained horses and professional guides combine to make this an excellent adventure vacation. Click on our Summer Adventure Trips links above for more details.

Montana Big Game Hunting:

When the season changes to fall and the elk begin to bugle, we turn our full attention to Montana hunting! This includes Montana elk hunting, mountain goat hunting and mule deer hunting. We operate camps in three different areas to provide the best possible opportunity to successfully take these three big game species. Click on our Fall Hunting Trips link above for more details.

Montana Elk Hunting:

We operate two backcountry camps in the Scapegoat Wilderness area, which are 14 and 22 miles from the Indian Meadow Trailhead. The trailhead is 60 miles northwest of Helena, Montana. While our primary focus is elk hunting and mule deer hunting; we are available to guide individuals that have been lucky enough to draw a moose or mountain goat tag for our area which is region 280 (September – early November).

Montana Mountain Goat Hunting:

For those individuals lucky enough to draw a mountain goat tag for area 323, we pack up our gear and our traveling camp and head south of Big Timber for the Boulder River drainage in pursuit of that trophy Billy (mid November).

Montana Mule Deer Hunting:

Later in the season, when the deer are in the peak of the rut, we offer a mule deer hunting trip for those elusive mossy horn bucks. Our late season mule deer hunting camp is located south of Big Timber in the heart of the Deer Creek Mountains (late November).

Numerous trout laden streams, rivers and high mountain lakes await you in the vast Bob Marshall and Scapegoat Wilderness areas of the Rocky Mountains. Our primary trout species include the Westslope Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout, with the opportunities varying depending on which summer back country pack trip that you take. We have a fixed camp at Meadow Creek where there is an abundance of Rainbow trout. A day outing from Meadow Creek to Parker Lake or Twin Lakes gets you trophy Cutthroat trout. Enjoy the varying fishing opportunities on our traveling wilderness back country pack trips, enjoying the high mountain vistas as we travel from fishing hole to fishing hole. We always camp at a stream, river or lake (most of which are tributaries to the famed Blackfoot River) to enhance your camping experience and to maximize your time on the water catching trout that range from 6 – 24 inches and weigh in the 2 – 4 pound range.

The fishing is good from the end of June to the end of August. You can sign up for one of our scheduled summer backcountry pack trips or we will organize a trip tailored to your parties needs in terms of fishing species, number of days, horseback riding time, etc. We do practice catch and release but we do keep enough fish to augment our otherwise exquisite cuisine. Come join us with your family and friends or organize your intense trout fishing gang, for a unique trophy fishing and camping experience in the western Rocky Mountains!

You can purchase a fishing license online before your trip by visiting https://app.mt.gov/Als/Index or you can purchase one in Lincoln the day before your trip.

Fishing Equipment – General

We have compiled the following list of equipment to help you have a successful trophy fishing experience, however the novice fisherman need not be intimidated. Sometimes the novice and the kids with 3 ft poles out do the professionals.

This is a fully guided horseback pack trip where all you need to bring is fishing gear, clothing, and personal items. We must pack all equipment on our mules. For this reason, we must limit each person to one or two duffle bags not to exceed 45 lbs total. It is important to pack compact (short brake-down rods instead of one piece rods), pack for protection (tubes for all rods) and light. Following is a check list of general equipment, fly fishing equipment and spin fishing equipment to help your planning.

Fly Fishing

Fishing will be from shore, or close to the shore depending upon water depth, along the various streams and lakes. Thus shorter rods work well in the brush along the creeks, lakes and rivers. The longer rods can be good for roll casting to avoid brush and trees but harder to handle through trees along the river.

Gear sources for fly-fishing gear www.dan-bailey.com , www.orvis.com and at Bob Ward’s Sporting Goods on arrival in Helena.


Flies – Surface

You never can have too many flies or sizes of flies; they all go away sooner or hopefully later. I like two fly boxes, one for the river and one for restocking that stays in camp.


Spin fishing

Light or ultra light weight spinning gear works well for those who are not familiar with fly fishing. You should bring your own rods, reel and lures, but we do have a limited supply of rods/reels and lures. Check with us before you come to insure availability.



Take a look at our summer wilderness horseback pack trips. There are more wonders of nature to be seen!

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Scapegoat Mountain Trip – a 9 day roving camp trip into the high country of Scapegoat mountain.

Meadow Creek Camp – A flexible multi day pack trip into our Meadow Creek base camp.

For a photo gallery of all our summer wilderness trips from last year, see our Photo Gallery page. For summer wilderness horseback pack trip schedules and pricing, please visit our Wilderness Horseback Trip Rates/Deposit/Schedule page.